Kingdom of Verzyo

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Republic of Verzyo
Kingdom of Verzyo Flag.png
Coat of Arms of Vezyo.png
Coat of Arms

Equality and Safety First
Within Utah
Capital city LuPone
Largest city LuPone
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Freedom of Religion
Short name Verzyo
Demonym Verzeen
Government Republic
- Current President President Joseph Carlisle
Legislature National Assembly
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 12
- Last election - 19 July 2016
Established 1 July 2016
Area claimed 1914ft2
Population 6
Currency U.S. dollars
Time zone Mountain Time(MT)
National sport Cricket
National dish Pollo la crema
National drink Lemonade
National animal Tiger

Government Website

A History of Verzyo

The Kingdom of Verzyo was created on the first of July in the year of 2016. It was created in order to create freedom for people by it's queen.

Govermental Change

King Stephen the First became the Absolute Monarch on November 23rd, 2016. The govermental changed was caused by a low citizen level. The king could only operate off of Executive actions.

Temporary Presidency

A temporary presidency was instated for a month. If succesful the president will continue on intell an election on December 1st 2017 and a new president will be inaugrated on December 15th

Foreign Relations

Currently it's only foreign relations are with the Shorewellese Empire. They are currently allies