Kingdom of Varnland

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Royal Coat-of-Arms


Royal Banner

(since 20 September 2008)


National Flag (since 13 April 1991)

Motto: Nothing Without Integriry

National Anthem: The Anthem

Official language English and Norwegian
Denonym Varnlandian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Founded 13 April 1991
Area 60+ acres excluding large protectorates and 9sq. miles claimed on the Lunar surface
Location Oestfold, Norway/ Baahus, Sweden
Monarch HRH Grand Duke Aleksander
Currency Ecy
Membership The Ecypeian Nations

The Kingdom of Varnland, formerly known as The Patriotic Nation of the Kingdom of Homeland, a sovereign kingdom in southeastern Norway, in the Ecypean region. A Kingdom since 13 April 1991, its independence paved the way for other short-lived and current micronations in the area, including New States for Nuws (short-lived), New America (current), Loethre (formerly Aerigreiam, Rollreyce), Cocanga (current) and Cyperia (seized to exist 2009).

The old governmental core-area is in Oestfold County, Norway, -south and east of the town of Moss (Mossiana), a large portion of which is protectorates under the Varnlandian Crown.

In addition to 50 acres in Strömstad, Sweden, we also claim 9sq.mi.(divided into 9 counties) on the Lunar surface, on the Spitzbergen mountain range.

Today Varnland holds the position of the vice-presidency (changes to hold the presidency from October 2010) of the Ecypeian Nations.

(The Ecypean Nations consists of Cocanga (Kingdom of), Drekhamér (United Privinces of), Loethre-Steuberoit (Principality of), New America (Republic of) and Varnland (Kingdom of).)

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