Kingdom of Thesevale

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Kingdom of Thesevale
Thesevale Flag.png

Omnis creatura ad puncta Thesevale ... (Latin: All Creation Leads To Thesevale)
Thesevale We Stand True
United States
Capital cityVargis
Largest cityVargis - Population: 17
Official language(s)Theseltongue (Replace all X's with Z's)
Official religion(s)Church of Thesel
- PrinceCody Stormslinger
- KingZaphiel Stormslinger
Established23 September 2013
Area claimed39km²
Population37 (as of 2013 census)
Time zone(UTC)
National animalPanda

The Kingdom of Thesevale is a micronation founded on 23 September 2013 by Zaphiel Stormslinger and his best friend Cody Stormslinger. They both had an interest in micronationalism and have then such created this wiki page on their micronation. Zaphiel was first brought into micronationalism by one of his friends four years ago but he never took the initiative to create his own nation until now. However, before the foundation of Thesevale, Zaphiel had continuously researched famous micronations, the basis of a micronation, and micronational events around the world. The Kingdom of Thesevale is a peaceful and prosperous nation but is ready to answer the call if another nation were to declare war.


The Kingdom of Thesevale originally began as an idea in the summer of 2009 when a man named Zaphiel Stormslinger first learned about micronationalism. He was intrigued by the fact that thousands of people have made their own nation and go through wars and conflicts just like a major nation. Zaphiel then began researching extensively the history of micronations and what defines them as such. It was during that summer that Zaphiel knew that he wanted to create his own nation. However, it wasn't a part of the micronational community until September 2013 when Zaphiel gained 37 supportive citizens. The population is still rapidly increasing partly to the fact that the qualification test for citizens is quite simple and quick. The next census is set to take place on 1 October. On 25 September 2013 King Zaphiel swore in Katrina Woodall to be the new Head Athee. The people of Thesevale are fairly happy with this change in council.


The name "Thesevale" comes from the god Thesel in the Church Of Thesel. Thesel is one of the four gods and is the god of life. In the Church of Thesevale, Thesel was the one that originally created humans and all life on the planet. Many of things in Thesevale are named after him. Such as, Thesevales' Name, the Currency, Language, and Religion.

The claims of the Kingdom of Thesevale as of September 2013.

Government and politics

The government of Thesevale is led by the King. The current King of Thesevale is Zaphiel Stormslinger (alias used to protect the identity of the King). If the King is absent, ill, or dead, the Prince will assume leadership of the entire kingdom. The House of Athees is a committee of 9 people called "Athees" that aid the King in making decisions. There are eight main Athees and one head Athee that mediates the discussions between the other Athees. The current head Athee is Katrina Woodall. To go to war the King, and at least 5 Athees have to vote to go to war. This is the only action of government that requires the consent of The House of Athees to go forward, the rest is decided on solely by the King. The King can be removed and the Prince brought into Kingship only if a petition is signed by at least 30 Thesevalian citizens and all of The House of Athees agrees. Another function of the Government of Thesevale is to maintain peaceful relations with all other nations, keeping this function a top priority.

National Anthem: Thesevale We Stand True

Thesevale we stand true,

To always honor you.
We, the noble citizens,
Promise to love our country whole.
I swear all this on Thesel's great name,
Thesevale we love you!


The people of Thesevale are very religious. Their religion, the Church of Thesel, is a religion that closely resembles Paganism and Christianity. In the Church of Thesel it is believed that in the beginning there was nothing but four gods. Ouranouas, Vintress, Thesel, and Zilon. The four gods were bored with just themselves so they decided to create a beautiful land. Ouranouas was in charge of making the earth. Vintress was in charge of creating the sky and the atmosphere to protect the planet. Thesel was in charge of creating all life on the planet, from the smallest bacteria to the largest elephant. Lastly, Zilon was in charge of death and the afterlife, making sure that the planet was never too full and crowded. Everything was good in the universe for countless years until one day, Zilon became unhappy. He believed he got the lowest job of all the gods, he left his position and betrayed the other three gods. To this day, the gods are constantly battling each other. Thesel, the creator of life, is the leader for the side of good and Zilon is the leader for the side of evil. The Church of Thesel was founded in 2010 by Zaphiel Stormslinger before the Kingdom of Thesevale was formed. There are currently 14 people in the world that have committed themselves to the Church of Thesel.

Important Dates

Date Name Remarks
12 January Vintress Day Day to celebrate the goddess Vintress.
26 February Workers Day All workers get the day off.
2 March Ouranouas Day Day to celebrate the god Ouranouas.
20 April First Census of the Year The first census of the year that counts the population.
2 May - 4 May Thesel Days Days in honor of Thesel.
14 June Military Day A day in honor of the Thesevalian military.
26 June Pet Day A day to honor pets in Thesevale.
5 July Technology Day Day to celebrate the advances in technology.
12 August Zilon Day A day in which everyone locks their door and keeps their loved ones close. Thesevalian lore says Zilon is strongest on this date.
23 September Independence Day Day to celebrate the independence of Thesevale.
1 October Second Census of the Year The second census of the year that counts the population.
25 - 30 December Winter Festival Winter festival held in the capital city, Vargis.

Law and Order

In Thesevale there are 3 levels of law. The first group is called the Thesevalian Civilian Court and consists of 20 people. The second group is called the Thesevalian Regional Court and consists of 10 people. The third and most powerful group is called the Thesevalian National Court which consists of the Athees and the King. Although Thesevale is a monarchy it does believe in the use of the judicial court system as a means to practice law. However, if a crime was large enough it would be sent to the Thesevalian National Court where the King holds most of the say over your sentence. The Thesevalian National Police Force or TNPF is the police force for all of Thesevale. TNPF is led by the Head Athee.

Foreign Relations

The Kingdom of Thesevale currently has limited foreign relations. It however is currently working to establish treaties with other parties. The Kingdom is very negotiable and is waiting for the chance to establish connections with others in the micronational community. When treaties are formed they have to have at least 3 essential things: 1. Aid in any conflict for both parties, 2. Large amounts of trading between the two, and 3. Same morals and ethical values as the Kingdom of Thesevale.

Diplomatic relations


Thesevale relies for defense on the Thesevalian Armed Forces that consist of the Army, the Navy , and the Air Force. The High General of the Thesevalian Armed Forces is Tristan Resat. The Army is the largest military branch in Thesevale with 9 people. The Navy has a strength of 6 people. The Army and the Navy are the main lines of defense with a combined 15 people. The Air Force is rather small and has a strength of only 3 people. Currently, the Thesevalian Armed Forces have never seen war before but they say they are prepared if a conflict were to occur.

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