Kingdom of Makira

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Kingdom of Makira
Kana'a o' Makira

Flag of Matai.png
Coat of arms of Matai.png
Coat of arms

Location of Matai in North America.

DemonymKoese • Mataian
Official languagesEnglish • Koese
GovernmentElective constitutional monarchy
- MonarchCharles Carter
- Prime MinisterQin Du Cong
FormationMay 25, 2017
Time zonePTZ

The Kingdom of Makira, known colloquially as Makira, is an unrecognized state, often referred to as a micronation, which claims sovereignty over territory located in the American state of California. It is commonly classified as both an elective monarchy and a constitutional monarchy.

Makira was established on May 25, 2017, and is the successor to the Kingdom of Matai, which was dissolved in early 2017 following a long state of inactivity. It is located in the city of Santa Barbara, California, and consists of several provinces. Although newly created, Makira seeks to develop a stable economy and establish itself as influential within the micronational community. It is, under the Boodlesmythe-Tallini System, a sixth world micronation.



A depiction of the Santa Barbara Presidio. This particular image appeared in Alfred Robinson's "Life in California."

Evidence suggests that area in and around Matai was first inhabited by the Native Americans approximately 13,000 years ago. With the arrival of the Spaniards in the year 1542, the area was named Santa Barbara. The first permanent residents of the town were Spanish missionaries and soldiers, who were instructed to construct the Presidio, now a California Historical Landmark. The town came under rule of Mexico in 1822 following the Mexican War of Independence. Mexico's rule was short-lived, however, and Santa Barbara became part of the United States after John C. Frémont and his soldiers swiftly gained control over the city during the Mexican-American War.


After a trip to the Czech Republic and Austria in 2008, Charles Carter was greatly inspired by the cultures and languages he was exposed to, and created his first country around the year 2012. The country was named Mykonia-Cintrale, and claimed a fictitious island located in the Baltic Sea. The nation took influences from both Germany and Russia. Carter continued to rule Mykonia-Cintrale until late 2013.


Over a year after the dissolution of Mykonia-Cintrale, Malavnia was established by Carter. It took heavy influences from Carter's trip to the Czech Republic, as well as Mykonia-Cintrale. It existed between 2014 and 2016, and was plagued heavily by inactivity due to Carter's waning interest in micronationalism.


With a renewed interest in micronationalism and a passion for studying the culture and geography of Polynesia, Carter founded the Kingdom of Matai. A relatively-short lived nation, Matai existed briefly between 2016 and early 2017, and was an observer state of the Grand Unified Micronational.

Government and politics

Typically, the Kingdom of Makira is classified as an elective and constitutional monarchy, ruled over by the King.

Foreign relations