Kingdom of Iron Moon

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Fight for a ruler

Iron moon in currently now a leaderless country that will have a absolute Monarchy by royal court which still has debates in the royal court that is still active in the country's capital of Mossrose, With the current reigning female prime minister which is Prime Minster Myriam is leading the endless debate for who will rule the land is said to be coming to an end since the eighth Duke of Ashfire, Second Earl of Shadow gates and Crown Prince Prince Carl the first has offered to take the throne over his older brother whom stepped down after creating the crown of the Empire of Vixen and crowning himself Emperor Patrick the first.


Iron Moon had been created with the marriage of father and mother of Prince Carl his father had been crowned Constitutional king and reigned for a short time of possibly twenty or more years before becoming the first Deceased Kings, soon crowning his son King Patrick I of Iron moon and him reigning for twenty years before becoming Emperor Patrick the first and Iron moon becoming a confusion of Constitutional or Absolute after Patrick's attempt to make himself Absolute king and was in his Coronation week where he was to be Crowned absolute king of Iron moon before he decided to create the Empire of Vixen, the custom royal crown of King Patrick was buried with him with his death and he had also been buried with the golden crown of emperor.


When Iron Moon had been Constitutional the first King had used passed many bills that would protect Iron Moon from rebellion in the future, the Monarch and the Cabinet of Iron moon on a daily basis would meet to discussion the important matters of Iron Moon and the laws the Prime minister or the Monarch had introduced...even merging the high courts with the Cabinet to make the passing of the bill easier as it is introduced. King Patrick I had also done the merging but took his Cabinet more seriously and many of the laws in Iron Moon today were told to have been emergency laws and the law were passed instantly with the signature of The Monarch and many government officials and was added to the book of laws which was created by his father the first king of Iron moon.

The country was mostly governed during the reign of of Patrick I by false emergency law passing which made the high court confused why the Emergency law passing had come by...The entire high court had ended up moving with King Patrick I whom became Emperor Patrick I where he had continued to bring up Emergency Law passing since he had made himself a Absolute Monarch and the law was instantly passed.

Important Members of Government

  • Monarch, Home secretary, secretary-general, Representative of Blackmon, Duke of Ashfire and chief Inspector: Prince Carl I
  • Lady Admiral Minister of Culture,Chancellor, Prime Minister,Duchess of Rodgers and Representative of New Bernard: Myriam Duchess of Rodgers and Ashfire .
  • Lord Admiral, Deputy Prime minister, Speaker of the house of representative, Representative of Garcon: Ben Duke of Tebow
  • Chief ambassador, Minister of the environment, Governing Commissioner of Saint Rose: Prince Jim I
  • Royal Adviser, Overseer of Economic procedure: Lord Rolex