Emperor Patrick the first

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Emperor Patrick had sadly passed away five years ago while visiting Iron moon over the summer but his imperials Majesty painting still hangs over the royal fire place and the temple of Faith which honors all deceased monarchy's of the kingdom of Iron moon.

Early life

Born in Port Au Prince Haiti [1] the young prince was the oldest of his father's children...and the heir to the throne due to The law of traditionwhich made the oldest child and became the immediate heir to throne...he went to school twice a day with his younger sisters including Princess Danielle and his younger brothers including Prince Carl the first and Prince Ben I and his father soon died when he was fifteen or younger and with a slight political battle he was finally crowned king after two months of being at the royal court since he had been to young to take the crown...the prince had found a clever way to get the crown and bribed the high court with titles and was crowned king of Iron moon in April at the age of fifteen.

Coronation to Iron moon/ North Summer

His coronation to Iron moon had been great, the high priest of the temple of Faith had put the rather large golden crown on the teen boys head making him King Patrick I of Iron moon his first decree of being Monarch was to change the name of Iron moon into the Kingdom of North summerthe kingdom name is currently called North summer but Iron moon is mostly used by the elder council...A feast had taken place for two whole days and soon the king had folded his father's military uniform and put it under the tree of elders in the backyard of his family home and was crowned Head of the imperial church of Faith and king of North summer.

Empire of Vixen

after years of ruling as the king of Iron Moon till the age of thirty five he grew of bored of his commands being back up because they passed the Limits...he was constitutional and grew angry about it, soon his private council had suggested the creation of the Empire of Vixen...Patrick the first after announcing it to the entire kingdom...he left the kingdom with the escort of his selected guard and created the Empire of Vixen and announced himself Emperor with his first born son Prince Patrick II duke of Redhorn the heir to his throne.

Coronation to Vixen

Emperor Patrick I had prayed to the holy Catholic cross in the temple of Faith while the high priest or Pope Henry IV put the crown on his head...after the Emperor stood his people watched and celebrated as their ruler was crowned and his son was crowned prince and heir to the throne...Emperor Patrick throne name was Emperor Patrick Augustus Julius Claudius Caesar...he made it a crime for anyone from calling him Patrick but his children and everyone else to call him Imperial Majesty only.


The Emperor had lung cancer, and grew weaker every month that passed...he had rushed his way into alliance between his empire and North Summer that had been at war for half of his reign as emperor, the day after signing the agreement he was said to feel ill and was rushed to the hospital where he was announced dead and the collage freshmen Prince Patrick would be crowned Emperor a week after his father's funeral.


His Funeral was held in the Temple of Faith where the pope of Faith the king had a open coffin Funeral with the crown of emperor on his head and his favorite ceremonial chain around his neck...the pope blessed him and his coffin before closing the lid and carving the roman numeral I on his coffin...his coffin was put into a carriage and carried through the streets with hundreds of family members and the Heir to the throne Prince Patrick leading them behind the carriage all the way to the grave yard where he was buried and put at peace remembered as the first Emperor of Vixen or a private name the royal family called The empire of Coastwind.

Emperor's Favored Lords and Ladies

  • Duke of Summers,son of Prince Carl, Royal nephew, Prince of Coastwind and North Summer: Prince Jim I
  • Duchess of Harps, Princess of Coastwind and North summer, daughter of Prince Carl, Co-commander and chief of Royal army of Coastwind: Princess Gracey II
  • Overseer of the royal Army: General Jacob I
  • Duchess of Hudson, Sister: Princess Danielle I