Kingdom of Helannia

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Kingdom of Helannia
Helannia Flag.png
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Ehrlichkeit und Freiheit
Land of Hope and Glory
US and Drygalski Island
Capital cityDanzig
Largest cityDanzig
Official language(s)German, English, Croatian
Official religion(s)Begonian Royal Orthodox
Short nameHelannia
GovernmentFederal Monarchy
- MonarchMaximilian
- ChancellorChristopher Crabtree
- Upper HouseSenate
- Lower HouseCongress
- Number of seats - 6
- Last election - None Yet
EstablishedSeptember 1st, 2020
Area claimedAreas in Southern North Carolina and Northern Drygalski
CurrencyHelan Pound
GDP (nominal)None Yet
National sportSoccer/Football
National dishBegonishk Shrimpe
National drinkBegonian Brandy
National animalTree Frog
National exportNational export
Patron saintPatron saint
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