Kingdom of Drietsland (2019)

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Kingdom of Drietsland
Driez Flakt feåm 2018.pngDrietsbigshield.png

De Kånic Erhelt de Frienhass (Driets: The King Guards the Freedom)
Wint erhelt de Kånic? (Driets: Who holds the King?)

Drietsland in blue
Capital cityKyberstring
Largest cityCentrapol
Official language(s)Driets and Swedish
Official religion(s)Buddhism and Christianity
Short nameDrietsland
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- KingSeved Eriksson
- ChancellorFindus Endén
EstablishedJune 4th 2016
Area claimed0.596 km²
Population5 (as of March 2019)
Time zone(UTC)
National sportDriets Football
National animalEagle
This nation is a member of the United Micronations (Google+)


The Kingdom of Drietsland is a micronation founded on the 4th of June by Seved Eriksson.


The name Drietsland came from the old name of Drietsland: Droiderna. The name Droiderna was created by Drietslands 2nd President, Ture. This was because Drietsland was earlier called the Pigs. When Ture resigned as president on the same day in which he got elected, Seved regained power. Versions of the name was used, like Droidland. Droidland became Droitsland and then Drietsland. Because of the increasing usage of it, Seved then gave the micronation a new name: Drietsland. Because Seved wanted to add a meaning to the "Driets" part in the name and that he was interested in making a language, he decided to use "Driets" as the word for dreams. Therefore, Drietsland literally meant "Dreamland". In a short time the Driets Language has changed and so does the knowlegde of a such state. Old Driets was no longer to be used as "Driets(Dream)" became "Druq" and "Driets(The denonym)" became "Driez". The English and Swedish spelling remained the same.


On the 4th of June 2016, Drietsland declared independence as a kingdom. Not so long after that, at the 6th of June, Drietsland sent troops to claim land. As Drietsland expanded, so did their influence. On the 3rd of September 2016, Drietsland joined the Micronational Assembly for the first time. In October 2016, the Driets Civil War began between the Government and Pro-Calconian Rebels supported by Calcony. The Government won the War and Drietsland was not to join Calcony. In February of 2017, Drietsland appointed a new king, Adam I and formed a parliament. The Drietsmarks were also beginning to be issued. Drietsland developed and grew its influence until the Talsi Convention of 2017, which led to the creation of 3 other micronations, each with the other Driets Politicians as leader. This was the result of all the opposition party losing the 1st Round. When Cyrisk and Lusititane became the most influential nations in the MA, Drietsland was beginning to lose it's position. It held on to it's position only by opposing these two powerhouses and therefore quickly lost it's position when Lusititane began opposing Cyrisk. As a result of the quick fall, Drietsland left the MA, just to later rejoin a few days later. A war later broke out between Drietsland and Calcony, which will be called the Sound War, due to it beginning as a competition on who that could make the loudest sound. In the Summer of 2017, Drietslsnd was at war against Cyrisk. The war ended after a week. In the 16th of October, the Driets administrative map was redrawn and a new king was appointed and drafted a new constitution, adding Gun rights and 2 Houses. On the 27th of October 2017, The Sound War against Calcony continued because of a tennis ball. The Calconians retreated from Driets territory and the Driets advanced into Chicken. The war ended on the 15th of December 2017 with a Driets Self-Proclaimed Victory. In early February 2018, a 2nd Civil War broke out between the Communists and the Nobles. The Noble led Government won and the Communist Party was banned. This caused the election to be postponed until October. The October election was the first election that Seved lost since the 4th of June. The Fascists won and the threat of a Civil War was up. The Kyberstring Nobles wanted to keep the Status Quo, while the Fascists wanted to destroy it. Agreement was reached and Seved was made the King. On the same month, Catholiques occupied Drietsland, an occupation Seved accepted due to wanting to take a break from ruling Drietsland. The situation changed on November 2018 when Seved wanted to rule the country again. This led to the Driets-Catholiques War which ended in the division of Drietsland into two separate states. In early March 2019, all the Drietsmark prototypes went missing, causing a severe halt in the official introduction of the Drietsmark. The value went up until when it was found.

Government and politics

On the last friday of May every year, it's election time. Currently, there is no parties. Instead, all dukes meet in the House of Dukes, called Hertighuset. This is because of Drietslands low population. Otherwisde there would have been a second house to represent the people, called Bestämhuset. To have both houses working at the same time, the population needs to be at least eight, compared to the current one of five.

Law and order

The police can arrest anyone that has broken the law as long as it is not a fight or similar cases. If that happens, the court will get bringed up to solve the case and arrest the guilty one.

Foreign relations

Drietsland has great relations with the Republic of Aurora. Drietsland is allied with New Prussia. It's relationship with Catholique Socialist Republic is a rollercoaster.


The Driets Army consists of 2 Active Personel and 1 Reserve Personel. The main weapon is the Drietsk Gevär 2. Before that, the Drietsk Gevär 1, also called as the Digette, was the main weapon.

Geography and climate

Drietsland is mostly Urban but outside of Kyberstring there is a large field called the Nytorp Field. The Highest Point in Drietsland is the Park Hill, Unmeasured. But across the border lies another hill, the Nypan Hill.


Drietsland uses the Drietsmark as their currency. Drietsland are now looking forward to expand it's econonmy and be take a role in the Meme Business.


The Driets Culture now is mostly under Construction.


The Driets Press Companny is called DMB. It now has the Driets Post and the Friday Programme.

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