Kingdom of Azor

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Kingdom of Azor
Azorian Flag.png
First Flag of Azor

For the Grace and For the Might of the Lord
God Spare the King
Capital cityWest Palm Beach
Official language(s)English (de facto, unofficial)
Official religion(s)Christianity
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
- MonarchKing William I
- Prime MinisterCaptain-Defender Sadat Uddin
- Supreme GeneralVladimir Alekseev
- Education MasterIan Abraham
- Leader of TradeJacob Deboskey
LegislatureParliament of Azor
CurrencyUnited States Dollar ($)
Time zoneEastern (UTC -5)
National sportAmerican Football
National dishRaw Ramen and Chili
National drinkWater
National animalKodiak Bear

Government Website (coming soon)

The Kingdom of Azor is a micronation located in West Palm Beach, Florida where it was founded on May 6 2018 by its founder, King William I.



The Kingdom of Azor is an absolute monarchy, with the King of Azor having the final and absolute power over all of the Kingdom's affairs. In reality, to lighten the burden of running a nation, the King of Azor approves a Captain-Defender. The Said captain-defender has control over the kingdom's domestic affairs and manages the kingdom's budget and administration. The captain-defender can also be removed by the king, after a two-week public notice. The captain-defender is democratically elected by the citizens of the Kingdom of Azor and is approved and sworn into office by the Monarch. The Supreme General is chosen by the Monarch and can be removed by the prime minister, after a four-week public notice or a two-week public notice by the Monarch. The Supreme General is responsible for the defense of Azor. The Leader of Trade is chosen by the Monarch and can be removed by the Supreme General after an eight-week public notice, a 4-week notice by the prime minister, or a two-week notice by the Monarch. The Leader of Trade is responsible for trade between nations and collecting taxes.

Two main political parties run for prime minister, the Republikans, and the Workers Party. The Republikans fight for a free trade system of economics and promote mercantilist ideas. The Republikans strive for limited if any government control on economic affairs, with private ownership of business and factories. The Workers party strives for a government-controlled system of economics, with government ownership of all factories and businesses. The Workers Party fights for government intervention in all economic and trade affairs and promotes centralized economic planning, where the government directly allocates resources to businesses and factories.


The economy of Azor relies on heavy taxation which is collected by the Leader of Trade Jacob. The economy is a Command Economy is where the Monarch controls the economy. In a command economy, the government controls all economic activity. One example of a command economy is communism. In a government-directed economy, the market plays little to no role in production decisions. Command economies are less flexible than market economies and react slower to changes in consumer purchasing patterns and fluctuations in supply and demand. The position of the Leader of Trade is held for a lifetime and when a Leader of Trade dies the Monarch or Prime Minister replaces them until a new one is found.==Military== The Royal Army of the Kingdom of Azor, or RAKA, is managed by Supreme General Vladimir. The Supreme General is responsible for formulating and executing battle and war plans, allowing the Kingdom to win against its enemies. The position of Supreme General is held for a lifetime, and after a Supreme General dies, King William I elects a new candidate.


Currently, the official religion of the Kingdom of Azor is Roman Catholicism. Although there is an official religion, citizens are free to practice any religion. Currently, all citizens of Azor practice Roman Catholicism, except for Captain and Defender Sadat, who is a Sunni Muslim.