Kingdom of Appalachia

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Kingdom of Appalachia
Coat of arms
God Save The King
CapitalWilliamsburg, VA
Largest cityCardiff, Wales
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised regional languagesWelsh
GovernmentUnitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
• Monarch
James II
Cai Parry
LegislatureAppalachian Parliament
House of Lords
House of Commons
Independence from Virginia
• Declaration of Independence
19 July 2019
CurrencyAppalachian Pound (APS; A£)
Time zoneUTCGMT-5, GMT+0 (EST
• Summer (DST)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy;
Driving sideright
Left (Britain)

The Kingdom of Appalachia, officially the United Kingdom of Virginia, Carolina, and Georgia is a micronation located primarily in the Appalachian Mountains and tidewater region of the east coast of North America. The kingdom is made up of three kingdoms, Virginia, Carolina, and Georgia, these territories collectively form the province of Appalachia. Aside from the Province of Appalachia there are six other provinces that make up the kingdom, Brittania, Greater Netherlands, Shenandoah, Talladaga, Sierra Nevada, and Cascadia. In addition to these provinces there are two territories, the Northwest Territory and the Appalachian Caribbean Territory. There are two federal cities, the capital, Williamsburg, and the largest city, Cardiff. Finally, there is one Autonomous Region, the Commonwealth of Pazistan.

The Kingdom of Appalachia was established on the 19th of July, 2019 after the Collapse of the Aspen Empire and the abdication of the Emperor, upon his abdication, the Empire was officially dissolved and the largest of its territories, the United Kingdom of Virginia, Carolina, and Northern Georgia, became the Kingdom of Appalachia. A constitutional convention was called by the King, and Former Emperor, James II, and the convention opted for an un-codified constitution modeled on that of the United Kingdom. after the convention adjourned, the King appointed the first Parliament of the Kingdom of Appalachia.

The Government of the Kingdom of Appalachia is strongly influenced by that of the United Kingdom, with the House of Commons and the House of Lords making up the lower and upper houses respectively. The Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Appalachia is elected from the House of Commons and formally appointed by the monarch. Though there is heavy influence from the United Kingdom, Appalachia does have an independent Supreme Court appointed by the monarch at the recommendation of the prime minister to serve a life term.