Kingdom of Alkos

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Alkos Kingdom is a country located in the east near the kingdom of Sorbet, This country was formerly the ruins of the kingdom of Prussia, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, now the kingdom of Alkos is administered by the Habsburg family.

Alkos Kingdom
Royaume d'Alkos (French)

Reino de Alkos (Spanish)

Koninkrijk Alkos (Dutch)
Coat of arms
Motto: Peace, Justice, Freedom, Equality
Anthem: National anthem of alkos kingdom (also national anthem of  Poland, includes the regular version and the short version)

National song: Patriotic song
Royal anthem: The Royal Parade Song of Alkos Kingdom

CapitalSetagaya (世田谷)
Largest cityMitakihara (三滝原)
Ethnic groups
  • 62% National Shinto
  • —61% Roman Catholic
  • —31% Dutch Evangelical Church
  • 34% Protestantism
  • 31% Atheist
  • 21% Freedom of religion or cult of personality
Demonym(s)Cerulian, Dutch, Japanese, French, Vietnamese
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy, parliamentary democracy
• Queen
Beatrice Du Cae
• Co-Reign
Kamala Copperheart
• Archchancellor
Asana Mutsuba
LegislatureParliament of Alkos
Council of reconciliation
Royal Council
• Referendum
March 4, 2018
• Declare
March 8, 2018
• Constitution passed
September 18, 2018
• Total
580.690 km2 (224.206 sq mi) (35th)
• Land
45.690 km2 (17.641 sq mi)
• Water
25.360 km2 (9.792 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2022 census
25.529.000 (53th)
• Density
7,000/km2 (18,129.9/sq mi) (1st)
GDP (PPP)2021 estimate
• Total
$319.000 million (52th)
• Per capita
$73.020 million (5th)
GDP (nominal)2021 estimate
• Total
$161.889 million (55th)
• Per capita
$37.282 million (23th)
CurrencyPeseta Alkos (PLK)
Time zoneUTC⁠±0 (WET)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatYear/month/day(AD)
Driving sideright
Calling code+445


According to legend, King Huge granted a privilege to the Cearulian in return for their fighting against the British. The Lord of Cearulia became the head of Alkos and the land was then consecrated to the Bishop of Caerulia. In the 11th century, a dispute arose between the Bishop and the lands north of Alkos.

The dispute was resolved in 1278 by an Agreement of Autonomy, sharing the rule of Alkos between the count Huge (later transformed head of Caerulia) and the Archbishop of Alkos.

Alkos was annexed to Principality of Caerulia twice, in 1396 and 1512.

Alkos became independent and became a kingdom in 1612, then became a province of Mondstadt until October 2018


The Kingdom of Alkos is located on a walled mountainside, with a river and rocky outcrops


The climate in Alkos all year round is relatively cool, sunny but not too harsh, Temperatures range from 15°c or sometimes 20°c


The Kingdom of Alkos is a representative democratic and multi-party constitutional monarchy: with the Queen and Co-reign as head of state and prime minister as head of government, First Deputy Prime Minister Head of the Government concurrently holds the position of Foreign Minister, taking care of the country's political issues. The second Deputy Prime Minister leads the State. Executive power belongs to the government. Legislative power belongs to both the government and Parliament. The judiciary is independent of the executive and the legislature.

Legislature of the Kingdom of Alkos is Parliament. This council is a bicameral legislature with 3050 members. There are elections every five years for proportional representation in all nine Province/State corresponding.

Citizens 18 years of age or older are eligible to vote. In addition to the general law, the Parliament also has the power to approve the budget and elect the regents, the head of the Parliament, the 5 person Council (which form \ is the judicial branch in the legislature of the Assembly), the Advisory Committees, and the Union Government. The Lower House also has the power to ratify international treaties with ther countries. The Upper House is divided into five different Advisory Committees consisting of fifteen council members to examine, recommend and discuss the implementation of new legislation on the Parliament's recommendations.

Mondstadt is the country responsible for national defense and provides annual multi-faceted aid to Alkos.


Alkos is a country with a developed industrial, service Seaport and tourism economy.

The economy is mainly based on traditional resources (grapes, Mining and building stones), issuance of postage stamps and especially tourism. The tourism industry contributes more than 50% of Alkos's gross domestic product. Major service and industrial sectors include: banking, textiles, electronics, Seafood harvesting and ceramics.

Agriculture accounts for a small share of the economy. The main agricultural products include corn, wheat, grapes, olives; Chicken, cow, pig, cheese, leather and feathers

As of 2022, Alkos' GDP reached $319.000 million, ranking 52nd in the world and 113rd in Europe.