Kingdom of Alanland

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Holy Kingdom of Alanland

Location: Birmingham, UK
Capital cityBedia
Largest cityEast Bed City
Official language(s)English, Spanish, Alanlandic, Swedish
Official religion(s)Quaker, Catholicism
Short nameAlanland
GovernmentParliamentary Monarchy
- KingCuddles the Monkey I
- Prime MinisterAlan Coffin
Established25 January 2018
Current status: Active

Alanland is a micronation based in south Birmingham (UK). Alanland was founded on 25 January 2018 by Alan Coffin proclaiming his flat as a sovereign nation. The population of Alanland is 3 with its capital being Bedia.


The Holy Kingdom of Alanland is comprised of nine distinct provinces, the largest being Livingroom County, all of which are located in the flat. Not much more is known about the provinces than can be inferred from their names. They are listed as follows:

  • Bedroomia
  • West Bedroomia
  • Kitchenia
  • Tolietrick
  • Hallen
  • Livingroom County
  • Territory of East Cupboardia
  • West Cupboardia
  • Garagian State(invaded and under occupation by the UK)


Alanland was founded on 25 January 2018 by Alan Coffin, wherein he proclaimed his flat a sovereign nation.


Alanland has a Fifa 18 team with Alan Coffin beating the Minister of Environment. (Brussnia Durtmund 1-0 Seville, Hearts 1-0 Aalen VFL, Arsenal 1-3 Sprus)


Quakers comprise of 60% of the population with the remaining 40% being Catholic.

Foreign Affairs

Alanland welcomes relations with all micronations. However, we openly declare hostilities towards these nations:

  • Republic of Alanland(due to plagarism of our great name)
  • Molassia
  • Principality of Guerreria
  • IKGY Union (for being allied with the aforementioned nations)


Unfortunately, we will not accept applications for citizenship until we create a website. Citizenship is free and we welcome everyone. However, we do not offer permanent residency.