Kingdom's Secret Service Brigade

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Kingdom's Secret Service Brigade
Beret cap badge of the BAUSOFCOMBeret cap badge of the BAUSOFCOM
Cap and beret badges of the brigade
Active18 April 2018 – 21 March 2021
Country Baustralia
Branch Baustralian Armed Forces
TypeSpecial operations
Colors  Tan
Colonel-in-chiefBaustralia-Army-O10-infobox.svg F.M. John
Colonel commandantBaustralia-Army-O5 (infobox).svg Col. Kanyon Paradis

The Kingdom's Secret Service Brigade, formerly the Kingdom's Internal Secret Service or the Baustralian Special Operations Forces Command (KSS Brig) was a tri-force branch of the Baustralian Armed Forces, and wore similar uniforms to the mainstream branches, though coloured brown. Originally a Special Forces command, it was merged with the civilian secret service to form a combined intelligence and special operations brigade under the command of the Colonel Commandant, Colonel Kanyon Paradis. The Colonel-in-Chief was Field Marshal King John who wears an army uniform for brigade functions.


The brigade was made up of secret service members from all branches of the Baustralian Army. The colonel commandant was the only position which must be an army officer, and members from other branches selected to be colonel commandant are transferred from their previous service branch for the duration of their appointment before returning to their last element. The colonel commandant, and his deputy, was also the only appointment of public knowledge.


Brigade members wear the uniform of their element, however, ratings from His Royal Navy wear the officer's pattern uniforms. They are cut in a dark brown material and have a distinguishing colour - the band colour on peaked caps, side caps, and gorget background.

Preceded by
Royal Baustralian Army Service Corps
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