King of Ikerlàndia

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King of Ikerlàndia, South Korea and Catalonia
Baabydeeg doot Ikerlàndiagenng, Koreey doo Katalonskeey
Emblem of the Baabydeeg of Ikerlàndia
Official Flag of the King of Ikerlàndia
Iker I

since 31 December 2018
TypeHead of State
Member ofCongress of Deputies of Ikerlàndia
AppointerNo one
Term lengthLifetime
Term limits are non-existent.
Inaugural holderIker I
Formation31 December 2018; 4 years ago (2018-12-31)

The King of the Principality of Ikerlàndia is the head of state of Ikerlàndia, the Korean Liberated Territories and the Catalonia Liberated Territories, as an ex-officio role. He is also the Commander-in-Chief of the National Army of Ikerlàndia (NAI).

The King is responsible for the executive decisions of Ikerlàndia, and also has a say on the affairs of the Korean Liberated Territories and the Catalonia Liberated Territories and is also an ex-officio member of the Ikerlandian Parliament, although be a Speaker of the Parliament.


Some of the King of Ikerlàndia's duties are:

  • To ensure order in the running of the nation.
  • Awards medals and decorations where appropriate.
  • Signs Legislature into law.
  • Appoints Military Commissars to the territories administered by the NAF.
  • May veto law when necessary.
  • Issues Sovereign Decrees regarding several issues in the country.


The king is not chosen by the Ikerlandian people, but the position is hereditary.


The king is the head of state and the de facto chair of the Council of Ministers of Ikerlàndia. The appointment and removal of ministers can only be made with their advice.