Kid United Republic Army

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Kid United Republic Army (KURA)
Kid United Flag 2.0.png
Flag of the Kid United Republic
Active 12 August 2011 (foundation)
Country Kid United Republic
Allegiance Kid United Republic, The Legion
Branch Army
Type Army of the Kid United Republic
Role Combined Army and Intelligence Agency
Size 28 (Some are not affiliated with the KUR)
Nickname The Unites
Motto Protect, Advance, and Order
Mascot Tommy, the Rifle
Anniversaries February 5- End of the Bully War
Equipment Airsoft, Paintball, Airsoft Tanks, NERF, Potato Guns
Marshal Jackson Cole
Ceremonial chief Captain Steve Strong
Colonel of
the Regiment
Commander Nolan Cole
Command Sergeant Major Captain Denny Richards

The Kid United Republic Army is the army of the Kid United Republic. The KURA specializes in defense, as confirmed by the name. It has fought three wars, which two of them were won, and one of them is became a draw.



In August 12, 2011 just a couple of months after the republic formed. The KUR Constitution it states that orders an efficient army to protect and have order in the republic. Later the Kid United Republic ordered its first military deployment to fight in the Bully War. It is the largest Micronational military in Northern California and Utah.


The Kid United Republic Army (KURA), participated in three wars. Two of them have ended which are the Bully War, and the Kid United Civil War. Both of them have ended with warm handshakes and treaties. One of the three wars is still ongoing, called the Supporter War which is a war in the Kid United Czech Territory against the Free Republic of Liberland. This war happened due to the fact that Liberland sent threats to Kid United Citizens this soon lead to an armed conflict against the Kid United Republic Army and Liberland supporters. The war soon ended later on.


In the Kid United Republic Army there is one body in the entire army. Due to the fact the army doesn't have enough people to make individual ranks.

Rank Abbreviation
Marshal of the Army KU MLA
Commander of the Army KU CRA
General Staff KU GS
Captain KU 1st CTN
Lieutenant KU LTT
Major KU MJR
Ranger KU RGR
Sergeant KU SGT
Corporal KU CPL
Private KU PVE


  • To protect KUR, and its lands and people.
  • To bring order the peace in the community.
  • To make sure that all equipment and defensive positions are stable and kept.
  • To defend all KUR allies and to defend them to the end.


DEFCON 2.png