Kenryō Ryon

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Emperor of Tsukigami no Kuni
[[|Arms of His Royal Majesty Majesty the Emperor of Tsukigami no Kuni
Kenryō Ryon

Style: His Royal Majesty Majesty
Heir apparent: Crown Princess Kenei
First monarch: Guardian Luna
Formation: 11 November 2011

Emperor Kenryō Ryon, officially Kazan Kaminari Fuū Yuki Tōnan Seihoku Kaneda Usu Kiri Takabayashi Kuro Sora Hakūn Seishin no Ki Nichi Getsu Hoshi Zyūni Ryū Ten no Syugosin Kenryō (Japanese: 火山雷風雨雪東南西北金田薄霧高林黒空白雲清新の気日月星十二竜 天の守護神 剣凌) is the reigning monarch and head of state of Tsukigami-no-kuni. He is also Great Guardian of Guardianism, the official religion of Tsukigami-no-kuni. The monarch contains the living soul of the Great Guardian (or God) of the Moon.

The previous reigning family was the family of Park. The family collapsed after a 286 year rule. The absolute monarchy was abolished and the country became a Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy.

Personal life

Styles of
HRM Kenryō Ryon
The Emblem of Ryon
Reference style His Majesty
Spoken style Your Majesty
Alternative style Sir
House of Ryon
Country Tsukigami-no-kuni
Founder HRM Kenryō Ryon
Current head HRM Kenryō Ryon
Founding year 2011
Ethnicity N/A

Kenryō has one older sister who resides in the United Kingdom. His Majesty’s older sister, Crown Princess Kenei of Ryon, lives in the official family residence in the United Kingdom. His parents are the Great Tōhō of Ryon and Noble Toshi of Ryon.


  • 1996 - November 2009: Master Kenryō
  • November 2009 - December 2010: Head of Aerinox, house of Aerinox
  • December 2010 - November 2011: 'Master Kenryō
  • November 2011 - present: The Divine Descendent of the Moon and Pure Guardian of the Sky, His Royal Majesty the Emperor of Tsukigami-no-kuni, Kenryō Ryon.