The Democratic People's Republic of Kekia

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The Democratic People's Republic of Kekia
The new flag of Kekia.png

The supreme Leader's device: Førr fedrelandi (eng: For the fatherland)

Capital city Kekburg kekian: skitnes
Largest city Kekburg kekian: skitnes
Official language(s) Norwegian, English, Kekian
Official religion(s) Whistleism
Short name Kekia
Demonym Kekian
Government Democracy
Supreme Leader: Kristoffer Kristoffersen
Established February 1st 2019
Area claimed 0,45 km²
Population 18 They're all sh*tposters
Currency Kuk
Time zone KST (Kekian Standard Time) (CET/CEST)
National sport Stein, saks, klask
National drink Diarévæske
National animal Green bottle blue spider
Patron saint Pepe the Frog

Kekia, officially the The Democratic People's Republic of Kekia (NOR: Den Demokratiske Folkerepublikken Kekia) is a country created by human beings.

Kekia is a country that wishes to be all the great things Norway could not be.
Map of Kekia. Interactive map of Kekia:


The Kekian flag is based of meme culture and whistleism. Kekia have had a total of three flags in its history. The first flag propaosal (made by Supreme Leader, Kristoffer Kristoffersen) was implemented on February 1, 2019, but was replaced due to it being overdetailed. The second flag proposal (made by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Erik Eriksen) was implemented on February 15, 2019, but was replaced after a referendum on a kekting-meeting due to the third flag proposal being more comfortable looking at. The third flag proposal (also made by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Erik Eriksen) was implemented on April 25, 2019.


The Democratic People's Republic of Kekia (NOR: Den Demokratiske Folkerepublikken Kekia was founded on February 1, 2019 by a group of friends. The group decided to declare independency when the constant discrimination of their religion would not stop. Another reason is that they were not happy with the Norwegian sugar tax. On April 23, Erik Eriksen (Minister of Foreign Affairs, Society Development and Justice), sent an e-mail to the mayor of Nittedal munincipality. A response has yet to come. Sign the petition: [1]


The Democratic People's Republic of Kekia is mainly governed over a Norwegian speaking discord-server with the same name.

Members of the Government

Supreme Leader: Kristoffer Kristoffersen (PP)

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Society Development and Justice: Erik Eriksen (PP)

Minister of Defence: William Williamsen (MAP)

Minister of Nature: Eskil Eskildsen (NNP)

Minister of Sewage: Jørgen Jørgensen (BEWD)

Minister of Finance: Ola Olasen (MTP)

Minister of Education: Eirik Eiriksen (HPP)

Minister of Oil: Dag Dagsen

Minister of culture: Election will take place June 1


There are currently 7 registred parties in Kekia:

Name Logo Founded Ideology Position Seats Leader Members
Progresspartiet (PP) (The progressparty)
2019 Capitalism Far right
2 / 8
Erik Eriksen 3
Nederlandsk Nederlagparti (NNP) (Dutch Defeatparty) 2019 Nationalism Right
1 / 8
Eskil Eskildsen 1
Militært Angrepsparti (MAP) (Military Attackparty) 2019 Militarism middle
1 / 8
William Williamsen 1
Minecraft Tryhard Partiet (MTP) 2019 Minecraftism right
1 / 8
Ola Olasen 1
Hellige Plystrepartiet (HPP) (The holy whistlingparty) 2019 Whistleism left
1 / 8
Eirik Eiriksen 1
Blue Eyed White Dragons (BEWD) 2019 Nazism Left
1 / 8
Jørgen Jørgensen 1

On the April 2019 elections, The Progressparty and The Minecraft Tryhard Party both got 50% of the votes. The parties decided to let government remain as it was before the elections.


The current GDP per capita in kekia is 250.000 KUK


Kekia is divided into 5 counties and one district:

County Municipal coat of arms English name Denonym Remarks
Kristofferstad County Kristofferstad County Kristofferbo This city gets named up after the current Supreme Leader
Ørodden County Ørodden Odder Ørodden is the smallest County in the Democratic Peoples Republic of Kekia
Grønnholmen County Grønnholmen County Grønning
Brundalen County Brundalen County Bruning
Nitrud County Nitrud County Nitviker
District coat of arms English name Denonym Remarks
Skitnes Kekburg.png Kekburg D.S Kekburger Kekburg D.S is the capital of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Kekia

Kekia also has 4 territories in Norway:

Sjittjern Territory

Åbotjern Territory

Lommetjern Territory

Kristoffers' feriehus

The Holy pond of Høldippelen is part of 5 counties on the map, but really the pond isn't part of any county.

Of religious reasons, so is the float on Høldippelen also not part of any county.


All citizens of Kekia are ready to fight for the fatherland at any time. Kekia's military is the strongest in the world, stronger than the U.S. army. The Kekian army is ruled by General William Williamsen (The minister of Defence). The Kekian Luftwaffel (Air Force) is ruled by General Anders Andersen.

Foreign Relations

Kekia loves Kekistan as if they were brothers. Kekia also has tight relations to Norway.


Kekia and Molossia has recently been building up friendship between the micronations. The Kekians hope to one time achiveve more diplomatic relations between the two micronations


Since the start of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Kekia, so have memes and whistling been the biggest factors of the Kekian culture.


The Whistleism is the state religion of Kekia. The Whistleism is a religion that mainly bases it's religous acticities on whistling. This is used to achieve a strong connection with the God of Whistling.


The Whistleism originates from the fort in the holy forest at 60.0507207, 10.8804922 when the group of friends had a vision of the God of Whistling who would save us, humans and all other life on earth from the radical feminists and the environmentalist

Pepe the frog

Pepe the frog is their main symbol and is usually the the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Kekia. The contereversy about pepe became so strong to the point that some feminist organisation marked it as a 'symbol of hate'.

Dank Memes

The Kekians love their memes. Even though their culture is mainly based off the Whistleism, so does their day-to-day life mostly affected by the meme-culture

Normie Memes

Normie memes are strictly forbidden in Kekia and can lead to your citizenship being revoked and/or you being expelled from Kekia. This law exists in order to only keep intelligent people in Kekia.

Sexual activity

Any sexual activity similar to BDSM is strictly forbidden because violence is illegal in Kekia.

Holidays and Traditions

The Democratic People's Republic of Kekia has 13 national holidays. Kekian citizen are obligated to celebrate and enjoy them.

Date English name Kekian name Remarks
January 1. New Year's Day Første Nyttårsdag
February 1. Kekia Day Kekia da'n A celebration that celebrates the day Kekia was founded
February 3. The Supreme Leader's day Lederda'n Birthday of the Supreme Leader
May 1. Labour Day Arbeidernes dag
May 4. Star Wars Day Star Wars day May the 4th be with you
May 8. Liberation Day Frigjøringsdagen Celebration of the german forces capitulating in 1945
May 15. Random day off Tilfeldig fridag A day off in hope of getting a "inneklemt dag" and also to give students hope
May 17. Icecream and sausages-day Is- og pølse-dagen Only Norwegians will get the reference...
June 1. Summer day Sommerdagen Celebration of the beginning of the Summer
August 23. Whistle day Plystredagen Birth of the Whistleism
October 31. Halloween Allehelgensaften
December 24. Christmas Eve Julaften
December 31. New Year's Eve Nyttårsaften