Katherine, Holy Byzantine Empress consort

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Coronation portrait of Katherine by Thomas Chadson, 2022
Holy Byzantine Empress consort
Tenure 7 January 2021 - present
Coronation 2 August 2022
Catherine Caherly
Adrian, Heres of Byzantium
House Amberdale (maiden)
Palaiologos-Bahrami (by marriage)
Father Stephen, Duke of Amberdale
Mother Louise Middleton
Born 9 November 1999
London, UK
Religion Orthodoxy

Katherine (born 9 November 1999; Latin: Katherina Amberdale; born Katherine Amberdale), is the wife of Adrian I and the Holy Byzantine Empress consort since her marriage in 2021.

Early life

Katherine Amberdale was born in London on 9 November 1999 to Stephen I of Orthodoxa (then Stephen, Duke of Amberdale) and Louise Middleton. She grew up in Windsor because her father established the micronation, the Crown of Orthodoxa with him as King. Katherine's family were Orthodox especially her father. When Katherine was 2, her brother Alexei was born. She went to a all-girls school in Windsor and got a degree in art. When Katherine was 19, her father died due to heart disease and her brother inherited the Duke of Amberdale and King of Orthodoxa.

Marriage and Reign as Consort

A few months after her father's death, she moved to Hanham and met Adrian I, who at the time was Prime Minister of the Holy Byzantium Empire and Katherine's mother forced her to choose her husband, Devin IV, the Holy Byzantine Emperor or Adrian Christus. She chose Devin and after was only able to produce a girl, Christina Caherly in January 2021. When Katherine was Devin's spouce, she was never consort. Devin broke up with her the same day and chose to marry Adrian I. Katherine gave birth to Adrian, Heres of Byzantium in July 2022.