Kanton Alliance

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The Kanton Alliance
Micro-national Alliance
Kozlova flag png new stars.png

Anthem "Glorious Nations Unite"

Headquarters Saklar

Membership 2 full member nations, 1 full member state

– Foundation 2 July 2013

The Kanton Alliance was a quasi-alliance formed on the 2nd of July, 2013 by three nations; Kozlova, its protectorate, Doppeland and their ally, a state of Ashukovo called Dradelia.

The membership of Dradelia created tension however, as at the time it was a state of Ashukovo, who disagreed with the alliance, stating that it broke their foreign policy laws. Although Kozlova had an informal alliance with Dradelia, they had no such diplomatic relations with the Ashukov Federation as a whole. Both Kozlova and Doppeland however remained adament that it was allowed, as well as elements of Dradelia de facto supporting the alliance. The Kanton Alliance was declared defunct after the collapse of Kozlova.

Flag Name Members
Members of the Alliance
Kozlova flag png new stars.png Kozlova 2
Doppeland Flag.JPG Doppeland 1
Flag of Ashukov Dradelia.png Ashukov State of Dradelia 1