Kalrathian Communist Party

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Kalrathian Communist Party
ChairmanMitchel L. K.
Founded16th July, 2012
NewspaperThe Kalrathian Voice
Membership (2011)48
IdeologyMarxism–Leninism, communism, socialism, Anti-capitalist, left-wing nationalism, Militant Atheism
Political positionFar-left
ColorsRed, Yellow, Black, Blue
SloganWorkers of the world, unite!
AnthemThe Internationale
Party flag

The Kalrathian Communist Party (KCP) is a communist political party in Kalrathia, which has ruled the nation from the start of it's history. It is the only and largest political party in the nation. The party is led by Chairman and Kalrathian leader and strongman Mitchel L. K..


The Kalrathian Communist Party was founded on 16 July 2011 after the foundation of Kalrathia, to lead the nation as the single, vanguard party. It was founded by the 3 revolutionarys and founders of Kalrathia, Mitchel L. K., Johnathan, and Xami

For the majority of its existence, the KCP has ruled over Kalrathia in a single-party state, it has mostly remained unchallenged, only being challenged by the currently illegal Kalrathian Nationalist Party.


The Kalrathian Communist Party is a multi-tendency Marxism–Leninist party, with currents including left-wing nationalism, Anti-capitalist and Militant Atheism

The party has always had a strong stance against the ideas of Capitalism, Religion and Right-wing politics. It has always made it a part of it's platform to leave the ability for free Speech and Freedom of Demonstration open, so it's yet to make illegal the idea of Religion, but it refuses to pay for any of the upkeep, construction or operation of any Religious buildings, regardless of the Religion. It only allows Religious land on Private land, which is by itself rare and very highly taxed. It also taxes any Religious organizations or land owners a separate Religious tax, to further sway people away from such buildings. The party has made illegal the idea of Right-wing politics and trys to stay away from any aspects of Capitalism.