Kaiser Loki II

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Line of Grifos

Nicolas I - Loki I - Nicholas II - Nicholas III - Ikol I - Steward Stjepan I - Letifer I - Steward Nikkolo I - Wylþeow I - Letifer II - Alejian I - Letifer III - Loki II

Progenitor: Nicholas I

Kaiser Loki II was a leader of Shireroth.


By technicality Loki II was not a Kaiser of Shireroth due to having never having been coronated as such. Loki II would be more accurately described as an extension of the Stewardship of Jacobus Loki, who was appointed steward by Kaiser Mors V, but when Mors V died with no stated heir Jacobus Loki assumed the throne under the name of Loki II, taking from his connection to the Line of Grifos.

Shortly after assuming the thrown several other claimants challenged Loki's positions and after a protracted dispute the nobles of the land chose to appoint Hasan I, of the Line of Kalir, to the throne in 3127.

However, before the dispute was over, Loki did make several decrees, most importantly that of reinstating the Imperial Charter, a task his predecessor was unable to complete before his death. Loki's willingness to reinstate the Charter without revisions displays the commitment he held toward to memory of Mors V, the traditions of the land and the people of the nation itself.


Imperial Decrees Made By This Kaiser: Imperial Decree 278, Imperial Decree 279

Preceded by:
Mors V
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by:
Hasan I