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Justmethnonationalism is a joke form of micronationalism wherein the micronation is defined in terms of a single person. The central theme of justmethnonationalists is that micronations should not seek new members or citizens, but rather keep the micronation's population at one.


On 24 April 2020, political satirist youtuber Jreg uploaded a video about Justmethnonationalism. In the video, Jreg describes Justmethnonationalism as the logical extreme of ethnonationalism, in that the population of the nation should not just have similar genes but the exact same genes.

On 28 August 2020, the ideology was first established in the Justmethnonationalist Person's Republic of Lanstkolland.


Economic Due to their only being a single person in a Justmethnostate, Justmethnonationalist micronations have no economy. This means that Justmethnostates are typically anti-economic, opposing Communism, Capitalism, and all other economic ideologies.

Political Justmethnonationalist governments can only be anarchist or totalitarian one-party states. The anarchist form of Justmethnonationalism is called Anarcho-Justmethnonationalism. Democracies and republics are impossible to create in a Justmethnostate as referendums and elections will only have 1 vote.

International Justmethnostates are typically hostile to non-justmethnostates, due to ideological differences.


Like many ideologies, Justmethnonationalism has several variants.

Anarcho-Justmethnonationalism Anarcho-Justmethnonationalism is a form of Justmethnonationalism that has no state. While Justmethnonationalism is already quite an individualist ideology, this is the most individualist one can go.

Justmethnonationalism with Lanstkollish Characteristics This is the official state ideology of the Justmethnonationalist Person's Republic of Lanstkolland. This ideology implements Justmethnonationalism with "Lanstkollish Characteristics", which are a totalitarian dictatorship with a few laws as well as state atheism. This is currently the only type of Justmethnonationalism in practice.