I'ohn I, Emperor of Holcetaea

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John McClean Tagtmeier is the first Emperor of Holcetaea. John founded the Empire with his brother, sister, and his close friends.


John McClean Tagtmeier was born to Steven John Tagtmeier and Duchess Judith Claire McClean (Tagtmeier) in 2489 (1986 C.E.) in Rock Island, Illinois. John was the first born and heir to Steven's princely title, which he had won in the Tagtmeier dynastic War with his brother Thomas a year before John's birth. John had a good childhood and gained his closest friends John Wallace Bostrom and Peter Michael Jones a few months after his own birth. Almost two years later Judith gave birth to Christopher Steven Tagtmeier. John was sent into the states for his education. Almost 5 years into John's life his sister Ellen Amanda Tagtmeier was born. Soon after her birth Steven invaded the Duchy of Glenwood and conquered it. Steven moved his court to a palace in Glenwood soon after it's conquest. Judith yearned for more land so Steven began negotiations to aquire land in Braden Hill but the negotiations went sour due to Steven's unwillingness to pay more. So war erupted between Braden Hill and the Tagtmeiers. The Tagtmeiers invaded Braden Hill with forces under the control of ArchDuke John and ArchDuke Christopher. The ArchDukes had much to gain from the conquest. John would become heir to the territories of Braden Hill and Christopher would receive the Duchy of Glenwood. After months of war the Archdukes' forces surrounded those of Braden Hill. This forced their leader Lord Moseley to surrender, giving the Tagtmeiers the land and going into exile himself. Steven and Judith now declared their lands the Kingdom of Holcetaea. Steven deferred the title Duke of Glenwood on his second son Christopher. But after only a year the Duchy of Glenwood was invaded. John rushed to his brother's aid while Steven held back angering both his sons. After half a year of fighting Steven undermined his sons' defense by selling the Duchy to the enemy. Steven explained to his sons that the Kingdom's treasury was low and that it was needed move. His explanation did not sit well with his sons who left the Kingdom by the end of the year. John stayed in the area planning to overthrow his father while Christopher headed west in search of conquerable land. After a year of fighting Christopher gained a foothold in the West. After his victories many of Steven's dissatisfied nobles changed their allegiance to Christopher. At this point Christopher's nobles declared him Prince of Western Holcetaea independent of his father Steven. John had acquired a small amount of territory but had smaller forces than Christopher. He and Christopher conspired to combine forces. John would aid Christopher in the West and in return Christopher would aid John in deposing their father. John sold his small territory in the east and travelled west with his forces. After a month long war the combined armies of John and Christopher defeated the enemy. The armies had been under the control of Kurtis of Lofgren-Land as a compromise, both brothers had wanted the command. John crowned his brother King of Western Holcetaea. Christopher awarded his brother with extensive lands for the help he had given. Now John & Christopher sought to depose their father, but they hesitated due to their mother. If they deposed Steven than Judith could turn the McCleans against them. John secured the McCleans' promise to remain neutral, but now he had to accomadate his sister Ellen. Ellen was Steven's favorite child and could sway his opinion. During this time John gained allies who were independent of his father's kingdom. He and Christopher marched on Steven's palace and laid siege to it. Steven stubbornly refused to surrender even after his sons broke through and entered the palace. Judith surrendered for him and the sons accepted it. Steven refused to abdicate. John countered by offering Ellen her father's throne. This forced Steven to negotiate, as he did not want a rift created between himself and his only daughter. Steven agreed to make Ellen his heir and was allowed to keep his titles. John was declared Emperor by his nobles and his brother. John crowned himself Emperor of the Holcetaean Empire on September 23, 2007, and the Empire was born. The Empire of Holcetaea is comprised of the Western Kingdom of Holcetaea and the Eastern Kingdom of Holcetaea as well as several principalities separate from the 2 kingdoms.

Titles and Style

His spoken style and titles are His Imperial Majesty John I, by the will of the Heavens above and Earth below, Emperor of Holcetaea, Autocrat of the East and West, Archduke of McClean-Tagtmeier, Grand Duke of Royal Hill, & Princely Count of Holcetae. He is also unofficially called Ymerawdwr and Ard-Ri, the Welsh for Emperor and the Irish for High-King. Upon Steven's passing John will acquire the new title of Grand Prince of McClean-Tagtmeier, while his father's title Grand Prince of Tagtmeier will revert to the senior branch of the Tagtmeier dynasty under Eric Tagtmeier son of the exiled Thomas Tagtmeier, it will lose the style Grand and he will be known as simply Prince of Tagtmeier.

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