Xristopher of Western Holcetaea

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Xristofer Stefen Tagtmeier is King of the Western Kingdom of Holcetaea as well as being brother of Emperor I'ohn McClean Tagtmeier. He is a powerful figure in the Empire of Holcetaea being the Commander of the Western Kingdom of Holcetaea's military and presiding over the western assembly and sitting on the Imperial council.


Xristofer was born on December 29, 1987 to Stefen I'ohn Tagtmeier and Ioudith Claire McClean (Tagtmeier) in Iowa. Upon birth Xristofer received the title Archduke of Tagtmeier. Christopher was sent into the United States for his education. Xristofer moved with his family to their new palace in Glenwood. He later aided John in conquering Braden Hill. His father Steven rewarded him (Xristofer) with the title Duke of Glenwood after (Stefen) becoming King of Holcetaea. Soon after the Braden Hill conquest Glenwood was invaded. I'ohn rushed to aid Xristofer but Stefen held back. After an honorable defense Stefen sold the Duchy of Glenwood to the invaders. This angered Xristofer and I'ohn and both left within a year. Xristofer travelled west and conquered land becoming Prince of Western Holcetaea. After a year long war I'ohn came to ally with his brother. A decisive battle was won and Xristofer was declared King of Western Holcetaea. He then aided his brother in the siege of the Tagtmeier Palace.

Titles and Style

Christopher's full title is King of Western Holcetaea, Imperial Heir Presumptive, and Archduke of McClean-Tagtmeier. His spoken style his either His Imperial Highness or His Royal Majesty but never both at the same time.