Jayden v. Matthew

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Jayden v. Matthew
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Commonwealth Court
Full case nameJayden Lycon v. Right Honourable Matthew

Jayden v. Matthew was a civil court case between Jayden Lycon and the Rt. Hon. Matthew MP involving free speech and the constitution.


During the Essexian by-election of January 2021, the Green and Cooperative Party was campaigning in the "election-campaigning" channel within the Essexian Discord server. One of these adverts contained a green background with a tilted white box stating "GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS". Lycon sent a parody of the advert with two photos later, one saying "AZERBAIJAN" in the white box, whilst the latter saying "AZERBAIJAN MEMES". Petitioner claims that the defendant then replied with a statement, branching the constitutional rights of Jayden Lycon.

In the complaint, the plaintiff's legal representation, the Rt. Hon. Jack Esq. MP, argued that Matthew violated:

  • Article 2 - He [Jayden Lycon] was degraded, or was treated with undue disrespect.
  • Article 3 - He [Jayden Lycon] was unable to live free from degrading treatment.
  • Article 9 - He [Jayden Lycon] could not say and express what he pleased without the persecution of a figure in authority.
  • Article 10 - [Jayden Lycon] Was not afforded the right to protest reasonably.
  • Article 13 - [Jayden Lycon] Was not afforded the right "to enjoy and be involved in arts".

Jack formally submitted the claim to the Supreme Judge, the Honourable Jacob, on the 25th March 2021. He also gave the defence a copy of the claim.