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Jayden's style is a format for referencing largely based on the APA style. It is unofficially used for MicroWiki, alongside other formats like the Chicago style.

Citation style

In text citations

Jayden's style uses an numerical value to indicate a reference in a body of text.

Example: Zarel Smith doesn't know what the word "over" means [1]

Reference list

In the reference list, the writer should provide the author (first and last name, without royal titles and honorifics), year of publication, title and source of cited work.

Additional information, including a revision number or a note, can be added after the reference.


Below is a guide on a reference list.


Differences with APA

Compared to APA, this style is much simpler and most of the rules are relaxed. Reference lists do not need to be alphabetical, and all of the references in Jayden's style use the same format.


Jayden's style being used on the Cupertino Alliance page.

The style is named after Jayden Lycon, the founder of the referencing style. It was made after his frustration of the APA format when he was doing a geography project about Canadian landform regions. The style gained usage in articles like the Cupertino Alliance, as well as other articles that User:Jaydenfromcanada frequently edits on.