Jarokn Games

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Jarokn Games
IndustryVideo games
Interactive entertainment
Founded11 June 2013
FounderJames-Robert Knight
Area served
ProductsDon't Touch My Teddy Bear
The Stadium Project
Jarokn Cricket series
OwnerJames-Robert Knight
Number of employees

Jarokn Games is a Vyktoryan company founded on 11 June 2013 to publish and develop Don't Touch My Teddy Bear. James-Robert Knight's first attempt at video game development. Originally, it was an Australian company, but became joint Australian and Vyktoryan at the time of Vyktory's foundation. Jarokn Games has since developed a small catalogue of PC, Android and Windows Phone apps, as well as various mods for video games.


Android era

On 11 June 2013, James-Robert Knight had finished developing his first Android app known as Don't Touch My Teddy Bear, a children's game for ages 8 and under. It was given a 5 out of 10 "Worthy" by AppsZoom, but was mainly given the low score due to it's broad base marketing, rather than marketing to children.

Soon after, multitudes of updates followed, causing player numbers to grow at a healthy pace, with people from James' high school getting into the game. In September, Jarokn Cricket was released, which was a very basic game and was panned by critics and reviewers alike, although, with over 300 downloads, it remains Jarokn Games' most downloaded game.

GameMaker era

The Android apps stopped receiving updates soon after the release of Don't Touch My Teddy Bear Plus in late 2013, which was a paid version of the app, without ads and with extra animals and sound. Soon after, James bought GameMaker: Studio and developed games over the Christmas holiday period. The first one was a revamp of Jarokn Cricket, called Jarokn Cricket 2. It wasn't released until much later, however.

Soon after, The Stadium Project, a stadium building game followed. It was Jarokn Games' first game that sold, with a copy of the game selling for $1. It remains as Jarokn Games' only sale to this day.

Itch.io was chosen as Jarokn Games' sales site, with its indie friendly pay-what-you-want-including-free features being a hit with James and his friends.

Expansion era

Jarokn Games soon began to expand, and created a HTML5 Flappy Bird clone named FlapPlane, which was free of charge. Also created was a Vyktory App for Windows Phone, which featured news from all around Vyktory.