J1407b Research Territory

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J1407b Research Territory
flag of J1407b
proposed claim
Total length 300 mi
Constellation Centaurus
Government CSR

1SWASP J140747.93-394542.6 (often abbreviated 1SWASP J140747 or J1407) is a star similar to the Sun in the constellation Centaurus at a distance of about 420 light years from Earth.[4] A relatively young star, its age is estimated to be 16 million years, and its mass is about 90% that of the Sun's. The star has an apparent magnitude of 12.3 and requires a telescope to be seen. The star's name comes from the SuperWASP (Wide Angle Search for Planets) program and the star's RA/Dec.

J1407 is regularly to a great extent eclipsed and orbited by at least one major body, 1SWASP J1407b (J1407b), thought to be either a large gas giant planet or a brown dwarf with an immense ring system.


The Catholique Socialist Republic claims half of the planet and its rings for research to learn more about planets formations and ice rings around planets. the CSR is using J1407b as an replacement for the the Saturn planet research, which ends on 00:00, Jan 1st 2019, because of new insight that the the rings on Saturn are fading away quickly and possibly the planet will have no more rings.