Izkar Region

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The Izkar Region of Cheslovia is an area located in central Baltian sector which used to be claimed by the Izkar Confederacy during January 2009. The region has retained the name Izkar Region similarly to how Georgia (country) has a South Ossetia Region, both of which do not refere to the nations that once laid claim to the area, but rather it refere to the geographical area its self.

The Izkar Region is situated in exactly the same area as Izkaria was.

The region is located in the Kurai Hills, and area of Cheslovia which passes from Tamir to northern Slavinia. Government officials frequently use the area as a detour when on less important work, as the views are very good from the top of Turi Hill (the highest peak of the Kurais).

During the Izkar War of Independence, the Cheslovian Army had to go over the Kurai Hills to launch an attack on Zoltan, the Izkarian capital. However, the Kurai Hills themselves are not classified as the Izkaria Region, only the claimed area of what was the Izkar Confederacy is classified as the Izkar Region.