Islamic Republic of Falanadar

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Islamietische Republiek Falanadar
Islamic Republic of Falanadar

Flag of Falanadar.png

Capital cityAntverpia
Official language(s)Dutch
Official religion(s)Islam
Christianity and Judaism are permitted
GovernmentIslamic Republic
- PresidentSiegfried
Established14th September 2010
National sportSoccer

The Islamic Republic of Falanadar (A romanized form of the Arabic word for Flanders) is a virtual nation attempt to fuse Shariah law, Islamic culture and Flemish culture. The capital city is Antverpia, named after the Flemish city and also a homage to the former micronation.



The language of Falanadar is Falanadarian Dutch. It's a form of (Belgian) Dutch with dialect and Arabic influences.


The Falanadarian government invests a lot in architecture, and actively tries to make Falanadar more uniform by replacing modern buildings with Gothic or Neo-Classical and Neo-Byzantine buildings.


Soccer and cycling are the most popular sports in Falanadar. Most villages and cities have their own soccer team.


The Falanadarian cuisine is an interesting mix of a halal version of traditional Flemish cuisine, and Arabian influences. Chocolate, waffles and Fries, for example, are typical Falanadarian food. Due to a former lack of halal food, and a large group of non-Muslim vegetarians, the vegetarian cuisine is also very developed.