Irish Brigade

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Standard of the Brigade

The Irish Brigade

The Irish Brigade is one of the many military units in the Archland Army it has fought in every battle in the history of Archland. The name Irish brigade became of because most of the citizens of Archland are of Irish decent and the specific unit contains many Irish decedents. The unit has gained many awards and decartaions and is an elite unit. It fought in the Archland Civl war and and fought in The Battle of the Sleeping Bear and The battle of St. Annwells.

Paper Kilts

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A traditional Paper Kilt The paper kilt has been the ceremonial dress for the Irish brigade and other highland Regiments in Archland forever. The paper kilt is tartan that is printed of a computer and cut and taped together and made in to a kilt they were the kilt in to battle and is famous in the Archland Civil War.