Intermicronational Standards Organization

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Intermicronational Standards Organization
Motto: N/A
File:IMSO World HQ, Plym del Norte
Official languagesEnglish (Official)
GovernmentMember-State Organization
Establishment4 July 2021

The Intermicronational Standards Organization (IMSO) was created by the Old Coroni Republic on 4 July 2021 under the "Coroni National Standards Act [1]". It is a voluntary and non-exclusive member-based organization that is dedicated to creating, and managing micronational trade, technological, and communications standards in order to achieve the following founding goals:

1. IMSO will serve to increase the ease and efficiency in which micronational states trade and communicate.

2. IMSO will manage (and make public) an official standards documentation form that will provide the membership with good advice regarding the institution of currency, trade, and production.

3. IMSO will maintain a community-based website wherein said trade and expansion of standards can take place amongst member states. This site will also have a community forum dedicated to things outside of the official standards as well. That said, IMSO will still work to provide a distinction between IMSO standardized systems, and non-standardized systems to preserve the integrity of the organization.

IMSO is set to begin releasing editions of the Official Standards Documentation by December, 2021, and will utilize the current operating logo as its seal of approval on products.

Member States

Old Coroni Republic (Founding Member)

The Imperial States of Forestria (Successor to theEmpire of Ninjasus) (Full Member)

The IMSO is an open-organization, and all nations are free to join, but must apply for membership on the forum.


The IMSO was founded in 2021 by the Congress of the ORC, and its first leading state was the ORC. The IMSO is currently seeking member nations, and is working to organize and discern how to proceed forward. The second member, and first-non founding member-state to join the organization was the Empire of Ninjasus on the 6 July, 2021. On the 10 of July, 2021 the IMSO published its first piece of regulatory documentation. The 'IMSO Official Operating Documentation' (1st Edition) created the first actual ruleset and standards formatting system which is designed to allow for the creation of a set of solid standards twice a year. It also lays out the rules for the operation of the organization, and how the organization will handle elections. It establishes the lead publishing and management role in the organization as the Facilitator of the Standards of the IMSO. The FSIMSO will be the only person within the organization allowed to publish an edition of the standards, and the forum is useful for this as it allows members to suggest and create standards, but keeps the amount of official standards editions that can be released per year to a maximum of two.

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