Independent State of Irvington December 2017 Elections

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Presidential Election:

The Moderate Party, holding no primary, nominated James Mitchell for president. Soon after that, Ethan Perry (an independent candidate), jumped in the race. Had he been elected, Perry would have been the 1st president who did not stand in the assembly. Ethan Perry was seen as an unserious challenger, only obtaining ballot access in East Irvington, his home district. The Moderates nominated Owen Perry for Vice President. Ethan Perry did not announce a vice presidential pick. In the general election, Mitchell defeated Perry in a 60 point landslide, winning the capitol district with 100% of the vote, and tying in the East Irvington District.

Assembly Elections:

Two Assembly Elections were be held. The Moderate Party held no primaries, but nominated James Mitchell in the Capital District, and Owen Perry in East Irvington. Seeing as they were both unopposed, they were both re-elected.


Source One:

Capital District- President

James Mitchell: 100%

Other: 0%