Imperium Germania

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Imperium Germania

Forgiveness And Victory (Latin: Ignoscentia Et Victoria)
Independence Declared: 19th November 2018
Capital cityImperium Capitis
Official language(s)English, German and Latin
Official religion(s)Roman Polytheism & German Paganism
Short nameGermania
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy (Empire)
- MonarchHis Serene Majesty Emperor Caesar I of Imperium Germania, Protector of The Citizens and Founder of The Empire
- Grand DukeHis Serene Highness Grand Duke Ben of Imperium Germania
LegislatureImperial Council
Area claimedTBA km²
Population4 (as of November 2018 census)
CurrencyImperial Mark
Time zone(UTC)
National sportBadminton
National animalEagle
This nation is a member of the Micronational Alliance

Government website coming soon

Germania, officially Imperium Germania, is an autonomous territorial entity which claims to be a sovereign state but is more commonly referred to as a micronation by external observers. Founded on the Iberian Peninsula, Germania declared independence from Portugal in November 2018. It is an enclave and exclave country, consisting of 4 non-contiguous pieces of land: one in the Iberian Peninsula, two in the rest of Europe, one in Africa and one in Oceania (Micronesia). Germania views itself as a successor to the Roman Empire and German Empire. Much of its cultural trappings and many government positions reveal a classical or medieval Roman/German influence on the nation.

Government and politics

Imperium Germania is an absolute monarchy ruled His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Caesar. This is the current structure of the government: Government: - Emperor of Germania - Grand Duke/Duchess of Germania - Dukes/Duchesses of Germania (Imperial Council) - Imperial Advisor (Coin, Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Laws, Communities)

Emperor of Germania: The Emperor has absolute power over all territories, citizens, resources, institutions,etc... It is the final authority of the Empire.

Grand Duke/Duchess of Germania: The Grand Duke/Duchess of Germania is the second hand to the Emperor. They have absolute power over all Dukes/Duchesses and Imperial Advisors.

Dukes/Duchesses of Germania: The Dukes/Duchesses of Germania are the governors to the Provinces. Each Duke has authority over their own Province, and can create and approve/veto laws in their own Province. They can also vote in the Imperial Council.

Imperial Advisors: The Imperial Advisors work as a form of "Ministers". They do not have any authority in the Empire, but advise and are responsible for some " Imperial Departments", such as Coin, Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Laws, Communities, Defense, etc...

List of Government Officials
Monarch His Serene Majesty Emperor Ben Ward of Imperium Germania and Protector of The Citizens
Grand Duke His Serene Highness Grand Duke/Duchess Nobody
Imperial Council His Grace Duke Ronald of Arminum His Grace Duke Tony of Theranda and Imperial Advisor for Coin His Grace Duke Elias of Regusium Rt Hon Advisor. Gilleasbaig, Imperial Advisor for

Foreign relations

Currently Imperium Germania has diplomatic relations with several nations. We have signed Treaties of Alliance with the following:

-Kingdom of Patrimia

-Republic of Mirador

-Confederation of Caloudonoum

-Kingdom of Falvia

Imperium Germania has also established diplomatic relations with: -Republic of Caddia

-Imperium of the Americas

The Empire is also part of the international organization known as: The Micronational Alliance.

Law and Order

Law enforcement in Imperium Germania is the responsibility of the Germanian Imperial Police. Jurisprudence operates on a civil law legal system, with crimes being tried by a City Court, a High Court, or the Imperial Court, depending on the severity of the offence.

Law enforcement in the Empire is assisted by the Imperial Intelligence Agency (IIA), a covert organization which gathers information about domestic (as well as foreign) threats. The IIA was founded in 2018.


The Germanian Imperial Forces are the military of Imperium Germania, and are administrated by the Imperial Advisor for Defense. The main branch of the GIF is the Germanian Army, founded in December 2018; The GIF is also comprised of the Imperial Navy and the Imperial Air Force. Emperor Caesar I serves as the commander of the GIF, but during wartime it is under the responsibility of the War Council.


English is the most commonly spoken language in Germania, known and used daily by the majority of the population. English is generally the only language used for government business, although some Latin is rarely used for more ceremonial occasions. German is also spoken by some citizens, but it is not used in a daily basis.