Imperial Republic of Talor

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Imperial Republic of Talor
FlagofTalor.pngTalor Coat of Arms.png

Populus unus, gentem unam (Latin: One people, one nation)
When Johnny Comes Marching Home
Talor Land Taloria.png
City of Taloria, Allers Province, Talor
Capital city Taloria, Allers Province
Largest city Taloria
Official language(s) English (Unofficial, de facto)
Official religion(s) Christianity
Short name Talor
Demonym Talorian
Government Empire/Republic
- Emperor HIM Miles Corbella
- Secretary of the Interior Wyatt Paul
Legislature Talorian General Assembly
Established 2013
Area claimed 5 km²
Population 3 (as of 2015 national census)
Currency TalMark (Abbreviated TLM)
Time zone UTC-05:00
National sport Football
National animal Hawk

The Imperial Republic of Talor is a micronation in North Florida, of the United States of America.


Talor was a name decided by the founding fathers as a combination of "Talon" and "Power" as a symbol of power of strength, to deter possible enemies from messing with them.


Created among anarchy shortly after the Battle of Caldor. Following the battle, Talor was formed as a new union of other groups.

Government and politics

Talor's government consists of bicameral house system referred to as the Talorian General Assembly and various ministries.

Talorian General Assembly

Talor has two houses: Talorian Senate as the Lower House and the Talorian Council of State as the Upper House. Bill of Laws, policy ideas, and discussions begin in the Senate (composed of representatives/governors from each town), then are passed on for review/approval/denial by the Council of State (composed of the Secretaries and Emperor). The Emperor may deny any bill.


- Ministry of the Interior (assistant to the Emperor)
- Ministry of the Economy
- Ministry of Security & the Armed Forces
- Ministry of Foreign Relations