First Battle of Caldor

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Battle of Caldor
DateJanuary 6th, 2013
Caldor Battlegrounds
Result Caldor Guardians Dissolved (formed into FlagofTalor.png Talor), Unconditional surrender of invaders
Territory granted to FlagofTalor.png Talor
Caldor Guardians Invading independent parties
Commanders and leaders
Miles Corbella Independent Leaders
8 5


Leading up the battle of Caldor was a power struggle between various small groups, attempting occupy what is now the Caldor Battlegrounds. After a heated dispute between the Caldor Guardians and an unnamed alliance, the following morning, a battle broke out.


Battle of Caldor

During the first engagement, troops on each side relentlessly fought. Extreme tactics were implemented and injuries were sustained. Towards the end of the battle, the opposing commanders were deciding their was no way out of loss. They fought a final stand, then surrendered to the Caldor Guardians.


A treatise was signed to halt further battles, and the Nation of Talor was formed. In the agreement, Caldor was waved to Talor and the opposing parties either were dissolved or vanished into the shadows, forming possible resistance groups.