Imperial Republic of Bonthonia

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The Imperial Republic of Bonthonia, colloquially known as Bonthonia and also known as Bonth or the IRB, was a micronation founded on 10 August 2012.. It is governed by Emperor Tiberius the III, the name chosen by James Turner as the official title to lead the Republic. It is well known for its military strength and scientific advancements. It possesses a substantial space program, only rivalled by that of the United States.


Early months

The Imperial Republic of Bonthonia was founded on the 10th of August, 2012 after an election of the surrounding territories to become independent. After the election, James Turner inherited Imperial powers and was annointed as the Emperor of the new Empire. This led to the need for sucession of the Turner family as the inheriting heirs of the Empire. In the first few weeks, the Imperial Coalition was formed, a government body like that of other nations. This was led by the President of the Empire and the electing body who are voted for by the general public every four years.

Evolving power

The IRB was developing quickly after its founding, establishing diplomatic relations with other micronations and improving other aspects of the economy, territory etc. The Imperial Space Exploration Program was formed on the same day as the Imperial Coalition and the Bonthonian Science Academy.