Hrafnarfjallian Antarctica

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Hrafnarfjallian Antarctica

Hrafnarfjallian Antartica
Capital cityVinson City (Temporary)
Largest cityVinson City (Temporary)
Official language(s)English, Icelandic, Old Norse
GovernmentTerritorial Council
Established20 April 2020
CurrencyHrafnarfjallian Crown

Hrafnarfjallian Antarctica is a territorial claim of the Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall and was claimed on 20 April 2020.

Designation as a National Park

On 7 July 2020 most of the area, other than the costal area of western Ellsworth Land were designated a National Park of Hrafnarfjall. This was done in an effort to form a preserve in a threatened area of the world, and to secure it for future research and exploration for the furtherance of ecological goals. With this designation, all industrialisation of the land was prohibited and only scientific ventures are allowed in the territory.

Ponderosan claim

On 13 August 2020, in a jab against Thomas I, the People's Supreme Assembly of Ponderosa Hills voted 6 to 1 to pass the Antarctic Claims Act, claiming exactly the same area designated by Hrafnarfjallian Antarctica, establishing it as the Autonomous Province of Ponderosan Antarctica, an autonomous province of Ponderosa Hills, which was to be provisionally governed by the Executive Corps of Ponderosa Hills. The act was repealed 6-2 the following day, due to heavy backlash from the intermicronational community.

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