House of Fox Ridge

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The house of Fox Ridge is a micronationally noble and macronationally ignoble house of the Huff dynasty, considered to have begun in August 1848 with the birth of its progenitor, Eleven Right Huff -- a bastard. The early Huffs had many children; and there are, accordingly, many branches in this house. This page details some of them.

The house of Fox Ridge held a micronational title of nobility from 2010 through 2012, when Theodia was a kingdom. During that time, Swena (a member of this house) held the title of "Quing". Since that time, Swena has reigned as dictator, with his official title being "Founder". During all that time, no member of his house possessed a coat of arms; and one was not created until June 2021, when Swena was awarded the Order of the Lotus by Vishwamitra.

Parent house

The house of Fox Ridge takes its surname, and legal descent, from William Huff, whose father Benjamin held public office in Breckinridge, Kentucky due to his familial ties to the Hardins, who founded the county. The same lineage also produced Aquilla Huff, the founder of Huff, Indiana. William Huff, himself, died to Amerindians in Arkansas, 7 years before Eleven Right was born. One of its oldest recorded members, John Huff Sr, was a regular soldier in Pennsylvania during the American War of Independence.

The lineage of this parent house has yet to be traced outside the Americas.

Main branch

The main branch of the house of Fox Ridge passed first from Eleven Right to Miles, his first-born son; and then to Thomas Jefferson, Miles's firstborn. This branch stayed in the ancestral homeland of Fox Ridge. Thomas failed to produce a living male heir; and thus this branch died with him in 1946.

Miles, himself, relocated to Vincennes, Indiana in his final years, to live with his fourth son, Eleven Ledford, who was named for Miles's father, Eleven Right. Thus, the Vincennes branch, headed by Eleven Ledford, is now considered the main branch of the house of Fox Ridge -- not the branch headed by Claude Monroe, who by right of primogeniture would have been next-in-line after Thomas Jefferson.

Miles's other children (including the aforementioned Claude Monroe) stayed in Perry or Dubois counties.

Vincennes branch

The Vincennes branch was initially divided into two general groups according to which of Eleven's wives begat them: the Robinsons, and the Staretts; the latter of which is more commonly identified with the Kelsos, due to its lone member, Jonathan Miles, marrying into their family, which had considerably more prestige than the Huffs or the Staretts.

Jonathan Miles's older brothers failed to produce a male heir before their deaths, thus resulting in Jonathan Miles becoming the agnate of this branch. His firstborn son, Bradley John, in turn became the agnate in 2018. The next-in-line is Bradley John's firstborn and only son, Miles Bradley -- known as "Swena" in micronational circles.

This branch has its own coat of arms, created posthumously for Jonathan Miles, by Miles Bradley. It also has an heirloom 12ga shotgun that is passed down by right of agnatic primogeniture.

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