House of Commons of British North America

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House of Commons
1st Parliament
Term limits
1 year
Preceded byParliament of West Canada
New session started
July 1, 2021
Speaker of the House of Commons
Prime Minister of British North America
Leader of the Opposition
Political groups

The House of Commons of British North America is the Legislature of Dominion of British North America.

Current Members

Member Party First elected
Mattias Forsberg Conservative March 25, 2021
Reagan Wallace Conservative June 30, 2021
Christopher Kelly Conservative June 30, 2021
Frederick M. Workers' June 30, 2021
Andrew Perdomo Conservative June 30, 2021
Luke Pesonen Nederlands Blok June 30, 2021
Hunt Powell Workers' March 25, 2021
Jaime Powell Conservative June 30, 2021
William R. Conservative June 30, 2021
Charles Ross Conservative June 30, 2021
Gabriel Sebastian Workers' June 30, 2021
Asher Young Workers' March 25, 2021
Seb Liberal June 30, 2021