House Hold National Park Service

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House Hold National Park Service
Agency overview
FormedAugust 27, 2020; 16 months ago (2020-08-27)
Employees6 (MEGS)
Annual budget$20.00
Agency executive
  • Greylag Goose and Key Puffin, Chief Ranger

The House Hold National Park Service (HNPS) is a government agency in the federal government of House Hold. It run and manages all national parks, historical places, and government buildings.

Chief Ranger

Name Term in office
Start End
1 Ewing (acting) 27 August 2020 29 March 2021
2 Greylag Goose 29 March 2020
Key Puffin


Classification Number Visitors (2020)
National Historic Place (5), and Government Historical Place (1) 6 90+
National Park 4 58
National Battlefield 3 35
National Preserve 1 2
Totals 14 185+