Hortanian-Welsh War

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Hortanian-Welsh War
Part of The Wars of Hortanian Domination
Date23 August 2017 - 23 August 2017
Result Decisive Hortanian victory

Early stages of the War

Hortania has discovered a joint Welsh and Armenian plot to overthrow England and re-establish the British Empire under their dominion. The Empire would not stand for this and warned its Welsh citizens to join it against Welsh aggression, which they refused to do so. With a heavy heart, Emperor Damian I declared war on the Principality of Wales at Noon UK time on the 23rd of August 2017, beseeching Hortanian Supreme Judge Llewelyn Morganwgg to side with Hortania. The SJ refused and sided with Wales, and as such was declared a traitor to the realm.

The later stages

With SJ Morganwgg banished, the Hortanian Parliament then discussed the war, with many opposing it. However, with no formal vote to discontinue and denounce the war, it has still continued. Parliament made an official motion sponsored by MP Charles Dyson to discontinue the war, however with 2 Abstains, the motion was roared down and pleas to former SJ Morganwgg to surrender continued.


Following many Welsh defeats in succession, Hortania claimed victory in the war.