Homestead, Resoria

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Name Homestead
Area 12,105 feet²
Country Resoria
Registered Inhabitants 3

Homestead, Resoria is the current capital of Resoria. Homestead was the first city and location of Resoria. Homestead is also the second most populated city in Resoria.


When the country was still being created, the president, John Walczyk, declared his bedroom the capital of Resoria. Homestead is also planned to be the writing place for the unwritten constitution.


Homestead, May 2010, when it was still one room.

With an area of 12,105 square feet, it has the same area as the other 3 regions.


Homestead is home to the original flag of Resoria, made in 2009, before Resoria was planned. Homestead is also the location of the future Nation Tower.