Holzer Empire

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The Holzer Empire


Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

Motto: TBA
National Anthem: TBA
Official language English and German
Denonym Holzer
Government Absolute Monarchy
Founded 19 April 2007
Area 933,475.10 sq. miles
Location Micras
Population 6
Currency Holzermark
Head of State His Majesty, Kaiser Frederick Augustus II

The Holzer Reich, or simply Holzborg, is a young micronation based on Germany circa late 1800s and early 1900s. The country was founded at a time when Germanic-themed micronations, at least within the Anglophone sector, were at their peak. Some would contest this statement by saying that Arminy and its predecessor Cranda were the preëminent Germanic micronations. However, the sheer number of Germanic micronations topped the scale during the birth of Holzborg, with supportive neighbors in Wachensburg and Landingberg. Even after the death of Wachensburg, Holzborg remained active and developed a vast network of internal regions, following a system similar to that of Landingberg, and invoking a real sense of German state affairs prior to Prussian unification. The death of Landingberg in late 2008 and the disappearance of the Emperor led to Holzborg nearly being shut down. But thanks to the support of new citizens and the recently-crowned Emperor Frederick Augustus II, Holzborg has seen a return of activity and is strong at work redefining itself for a grand renaissance.


Work in process...


The Holzer Reich is an absolute monarchy ruled by His Majesty, Frederick Augustus II. The government is a confederation of the ten feudal regions. A constitution serves as the binding document between the regions that comprise Holzborg. This constitution is based on the one used by the German Empire, but has been modified and expanded (or reduced) where needed or simply for the sake of practical application. Each region has a representative leader - e.g. The Prince of Lichtenberg - that maintains a seat in the legislative body of the Empire, the Reichstag. Each region, and thus each leader, is assigned a specific number of votes within the Reichstag. Therefore the passing of measures within the Reichstag is more reliant on the combination of votes rather than the number of representatives in favor of or against a particular matter. The constitution also accounts for matters such as taxes, railways, and commerce.


Kaiser-Wilhelm-Platz (Emperor Wilhelm Plaza)

Kaiser Wilhelm Platz

Named for the founder and first Emperor of Holzborg, the Platz was built in 1768. Located in the very heart of Königriver, it is frequented by many Holzers and tourists. Vendors line the cobblestone pavement that stretches for miles around the large circular plaza. At the edges it is lined with government offices, including the Reichstag.

Friedrich Schloss (Frederick Castle)

Frederick Castle is the royal home of the Holzer Kaiser and an architectural marvel, revered for its medieval gothic facades.

Königriver Dom (Königriver Cathedral)

The Lutheran Church of Holzborg has its oldest holding here and most administration of the church's functions within the Empire are directed from this great cathedral. Whether you're seeking religious enlightenment or simply wish to admire the grand stained glass windows, the Cathedral is certainly a sight not to be missed.


Holzborg participates in the global cartography simulation provided by the Micronational Cartography Society and possesses land on the world of Micras, currently the only inhabited planet in the Atos star system. Micras is populated by many other micronations, most of which originated in the Apollo Sector, which has since expanded to include most of the Anglophone sector as well as several members of different languages (e.g. Dutch Batavie). Holzborg's territory is located in northwestern Apollonia, the large central continent of Micras. The landscape is generally flat, with rolling hills and highlands only occurring in the east. The highest point is located in the foothills of Mount Fenrir, located in the northeast of Holstein. Primary resources/industries include metal ores, agriculture, animal husbandry, and fishing.

Map of Holzborg


Holzborg is divided into ten regions; Holstein, Prutania, Presburg, Lichtenberg, Hindendorff, Meiningen, Lippe-Saxe, Wittenberg, Ludenberg, and Vorarlberg-Kirsthoff.


The Kingdom of Holstein is the largest and most prominent kingdom of the Empire. It occupies over half Holzborg's territorial holdings and is situated in the northern portion of the country. Holstein is the Royal Fief of His Majesty, Frederick Augustus II, and has served as such for several generations of emperors.


The Kingdom of Prutania is the second-largest region within Holzborg and holds the majority of the coastline. As such Prutania is the heart of maritime affairs for Holzborg, both in terms of civilian and military holdings.



The Principality of Lichtenberg is a small region in the southern portion of Holzborg. It is geographically part of the Holzer Highlands, which stretches across the southeastern quarter of the Empire. Its economy relies on tourism and agriculture, and is well-known for its export of fruits and nuts, and world-renowned nutcrackers.


The Principality of Hindendorff is a small region located in the southeastern area of the Empire. It is small but well known for the construction of top-quality zeppelins, and is an important provider of these aircraft to the Luftwaffe.




The Principality of Wittenberg is a medium-sized region at the southernmost parts of the empire. Wittenbergers are famous for their different accent, courtesy of the large population of LandingBergers, and Wittenberg Whiskey. Its main economic activity comes from its manufacturing of shoes and clothes. Some economic activity is generated by the farming of barley and hops.


Vorarlberg and Kirsthoff

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