Holy Utopianism

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Holy Utopianism is an ideology derived from Starhigh. It was founded on the 11th February 2012 by Hugh I of Starhigh. It's basic goal is to greatly benefit the church whilst making the lives of citizens much more enjoyable. The government achieves this by providing services and items for citizens to make their lives more enjoyable. However the citizen must pay a small price. The funds raised from this is then used to benefit the Anglican Church. Another way funds can be raised is by an income tax on co-operations. The government is also obliged to provide bibles for citizens who do not already have a decent one and that request one. This is done free of charge. The government can also provide references for people, events and books that can help citizens spiritually. This is done upon request of the citizen. This is also free of charge.

Holy Utopianism also provides a pacifist approach to warfare and conflict. Since Starhigh has aligned its policies with that of Holy Utopianism it must defend Christianity and can only declare war or stage conflict against nations id it is attacked. And as clarification Holy Utopianism does not force citizens to become Christians.