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The claimed area was settled by Celts, Dacians, Quads, Slavs. It was part of the Slavic Samoś Empire, and Great Moravia.

Slavic states

The area was possibly part of Samo´s empire, but was for 100% part of the Nitran principality.

1000 onwards

It was part of the Kingdom of Hungary as part of the Nitra county until 1918, when it became part of Czeckoslovakia. Afterwards it was part of the First Slovak Republic, Communist Empire, Czeckoslovakia and Second Slovak Republic.

Early Micronational Era

It seceeded from Slovakia on 28 November 2010 as the Kingdom of Rytierohrad. On 29 November, a rebellion created the Republic of Andyria. It won the following civil war and the Izbiac Republic was entablished. On the 30th November its president claimed some more land and created the Zapotôčkan Federal Republic, which was reformed on the 3rd December into the Zapotôčkan and Izerniac Federal Republic.

On the December 12th the Federal Republic reformed back into a kingdom and so the Isarnian kingdom entablished. On the 28th December the Isarnian kingdom reformed into the Principality of Cotinia and claimed more land.

Principality of Cotinia

Tatinian 2010 Intervention in Izba

On 31 December 2010 the Republic of Tatinia occupied the caerie of Izba.

After the president of Tatinia saw that there was chaos in Izba caerie, he claimed the Moersia and Kupelia municipalities. Prince Eduard declared war on the Republic of Tatinia.

Battle of Adyr

Few minutes after Cotinia declared war, the Tatinian defeated the Cotinians at the Battle of Adyr. The Cotinian Prince fled. Tatinian forces occupied the municipalities of Adyr and Calir and parts of the Raroh,Skrin and Novostol municipalities.

Battle of Novostol

Few minutes after the battle of Adyr, the Price reorganized his units. When the Tatinian forces arrived, Eduard tried to surround them by his forces from Priokno, Astal and Postel.However, the Cotinian forces were utterly defeated. The Prince fled to Priokno, which became his capital for a half an hour.

Treaty of Astal

After seeing such powerful resistance, the Tatinian president decided to divide Izba. After they met at Izba , large chunks of land, of former Cotinian land were occupied by Tatinia, including Skrin, Postel and Raroh. However, Cotinia gained control over Novostol, Ralo and Noerthern Scrin.

Claims on 1st January 2011

The Prince claimed two provinces on the 1st January: Livinia and Vevez.

Holy Euramerican empire

After Cotinia reformed on the 2nd January into the Holy Euramerican Empire, Eduard I. Became the emperor on the 3rd January for "insuffiency of candidates", declaring that a new election will take place after there will be enough candidates. The republic was founded on 1 February 2011.

Royal Revolution

Has occured on 25 th April 2011

History after the Royal Revolution.

On the 29th April, the National Football and Baseball teams have played their first match.The King has restricted all gunpowder weapons, and the Prime minister has recognized many macronations.

On the 30th April, the number of citizens has reached 3.The King has led an expedition to Lesser Isarnia. A new state, the Duchy of Alpenhof, has joined the Kingdom.

On the 1st May, the micronation has started a website.

1st Besdomowcian war

The 1st Besdomowcian war started on the 8th May 2011. It started because the Besdomowcii did not withdraw from the Lipanovsk municipality. Instead, they created their own state, the Besdomowcian Peoples' Republic.

There were two battles in the war: the battle of Lipanovska won by Ponitria and the battle of valver won by the Besdomowcii. The war ended after the the Besdomowcii moved somewhere else

Eastern Rebellion

In june 2011, the Duchy of Alpenhof declared independence, because the king was according them, very absolutistic. It declared independence and on the 27th june they occupied Lesser Isarnia. The major battle was fought near Cutova, where the Ponitrian forces have won.

The former king of Ponitria, Andreas I. abdicated and started a micronation called the Kingdom of Hirthania, claiming parts of Scotland, Switzerland, Greece and the Kerguelen islands.

Lazany Conference

The Lazany Conference was a conference that occured on the 2nd July 2011. Diplomats from Alpenhof, Hirthania and Ponitria took part and decided to stop fighting. This put the end to the Eastern Rebellion and led to the creation of the Quertinian Federal Republic.


On the third july, there was the first constitution and on the 4th July, there was the first website: [www.quertinia.estranky.sk]  The Vinidan Republic got its first constitution on the 5th July .

Slavinsk Federation 

Slavinia was entablished on the last day of July, on the territorry of former Quertinia.

5 August: Creation of of the Puostel republic

6 August: First website : http://slavinskfederation.webs.com/

7 August: Claim of the Kamska Federal Republic

Dissolution of Slavinia

1 September:

10.00- Final decision, Sona becomes President
11,00- Unpopular changes - dissannexation of Kamska, Pohronetsk.Legalization of coffee.
11,45 -Izbiac Republic declares independence.
11,47-Sona, President of Slavinsk Federation declares merger of Puostel Republic and Izbiac Republic into " Predoknovskaya Republic" with capital in Khadba.
11,53- Independent Republic of Izbiakia conquers Zelenogorsk and destroys Puiostelian possessions.
12,00- Slavinsk Federation officially declares war on IRoI.
12,06- Battle of Dolnoursansk- Slavinsk victory.
12,25- Battle of Dversk- IRoI victory.
12,43- Battle of Predsieniya- IRoI victory.
12,45- Capitulation of Slavisk forces in Dolnoursansk.
13,00- Independent Republic of Izbiakia reforms into Furstentum Aaren-Issbau und Vorpotock.
13,14-FA-IuV forces march towards Taroslavin. Battle of Taroslavin- Slavinsk Federation disentablished.
13,30- Creation of the Heiliges_Romishes_Reich_des_Deutschen_und_Slavischen_Volker with capital in Däroslauenberg.
13,42- Predoknovskaya Republic last stance at Khodba.
15,00-Official capitulation of Predoknovskaya Republic.
17,30- First council of the Reichstag