History of the Fesmarian sector

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The history of the Fesmarian sector begins in March 2018.

Late Cornish dark age

The dark age was the period of time in which Cornish Micronations lacked both a unifying power and any major representation globally. The dark age also saw a decrease in activity in the Cornish micronational community, although a handful of outliers such as Mercia which had remained active.

The Revival

The revival was the general evolution of activity in Cornish micronations, seeing a more active community in the region although it would only last a short period of time.

Birth of a power

Fesmar would start off as the Fesmarian republic, a nation that held the position Princeps alongside President. Later the FCP (Fesmarian Communist Party) would take over and begin a rapid era of expansion culminating in the March 17th restoration of the title Princeps and creation of the first Fesmarian empire. On March 20th only days after the restoration the Tamar alliance declared war on the budding empire.

The Continuation war

Birthed from alliances held by the nations Speentown and Spingleton. The war began with an invasion into Fesmarian Trurovia, the battle of Trurovia park would be one of the first engagements in the conflict. This battle lasted 2 hours and ended in a draw as both forces were too heavily damaged to continue hostilities. Trurovia would hold out for the duration of the war, surrendering May 2nd. In total 6 men of the newly minted IFA held the city only with the news of the surrender of New Penzancia did they finally give in.

Being faced with sudden invasion the newly crowned Emperor Lewis I would gather a force of 30 men and face the overwhelming 45 men Tamar grand army at the battle of Imperial gorge. The battle lasted two whole days with the Emperor remaining at the palace managing not only the battle but the influx of fallen towns and villages. The battle of Imperial gorge would end in a crushing defeat for the Tamar army, this would however not be the victory needed to garner peace.

Immediately after the battle of Imperial gorge on March 23rd, a series of crushing defeats would hit the empire from March 25th with the fall of outer Roadrunnia, ending April 16th with the fall of Redruth. April 18th - April 22nd saw the Fesmarian offensive to recapture outer Roadrunnia and resupply Trurovia, this offensive was met with disaster. After the offensive, on the 26th of April the greatest defeat in Fesmarian history was to occur. The battle of Tehidy would see the complete destruction of the IFA as it was ambushed by Tamar forces. The war officially ended May 1st after the battle of New Penzancia where the remaining 13 man garrison of the capital was smashed by a 60 man Tamar force.

The revival post continuation war

The map of Cornwall would be redrawn, a new Cornovii Theocracy would be created of all Cornish Micronations. The theocracy would be annexed into the Fesmarian nationalist republic less then a month after its creation and the violent Beninso Amaedeus Aquila would lead Fesmar until the Summer civil war which ended his regime and created the second Fesmarian empire/Fesmar-Trelawny. After a short period of internal strife, Fesmar would later continue as the sole power well after the end of the Revival.

Post Revival Cornwall and the decline of the second empire

The Second Fesmarian empire controlled most of Cornwall, However factionalism began to take hold, The goverment of Fesmar tried to remove the factionalism trough making a new constitution which should have stopped the factionalism, but to no prevail, Fesmar also began having troubles with a micronation in Michigan called Somcow they said that the leader of Fesmar, Kenneth Fydtroust was lying about a Trelawyite uprising, Pascal a noblemen of Fesmar who held a lot of land in Fesmar began plotting with other politicians to overthrow Kenneth, he succesfully overthrew Kenneth and Fesmar collapsed.

the first regions to leave were Senshi and Stormhold on the 24th of april. After Senshi and Stormhold left the whole nation collapsed forming into the short-lived city of Dreme. Dreme would then reform into the Anglo-Belgian empire as the leadership of Fesmar desperately tried to hold onto the two remaining regions. The Anglo-Belgian empire would collapse after a near civil war for the title of emperor. Fesmar would rise out of the ashes but lost the support of Stormhold in the process, and thus expose the capital of Penzance. Soon after Belgica would breakaway on the 27th of May. Belgica was the over seas lands of Fesmar, administered originally as the principality of Kjorburg. Belgica would be the final region to exit the Fesmarian state.

Fractured Cornwall and the conflicts between the nations

2 weeks after Fesmar collapsed the Fesmarian king Kenneth decided to try and reconquer the lost lands, this however ended badly for him as he underestimated the powers of his previous provinces, he decided to back down as he saw that he couldnt win. The king of Belgica transfered its title a month after the declaration of independence to the former governor of the Belgican lands due to personal reasons. Senshi collapsed 2 months and 3 weeks after they declared independence and Fesmar took its lands. because of this Fesmar had most of its military equipment back, after this Fesmar began taking up a aggresive stance towards Belgica and Belgica did the same to Fesmar, this was the beginning of numerous conflicts between the nations.

Diplomatic talks

On August the 16th diplomatic talks happend between Fesmar and Belgica, these talks were held between Archie(emissary of Fesmar) and Jules(emissary of Belgica) these talks went well however king Mats then insulted the king of Fesmar saying he is a unkind dictator and should be ousted from his position as king. Fesmar response was to boycott all the embassy's of Belgica and announced that they found the actions of Mats disgusting.

Fesmarian week of instability

the following week Fesmar had an unstable week, on the 17th of August the Fesmarian senate voted on the creation of the Fesmarian republic and Kenneth Fydtroust became their president but after a dissagreement on the 23rd of August between goverment officials Fesmar split up resulting in 2 nations the U.F.S and the Fesmarian republic. 2 days later the U.F.S was annexed by Belgica during a short war, and on the 26th of August the Fesmarian republic turned back into a monarchy.

The deathblows of the online Fesmar

On the 28th of august Fesmar ceased to be a nation and transferred all its land over to the use of the K.P.R(a Communist dictatorship), this also ended the cold war between Belgica and Fesmar.

The K.P.R

During the time that the K.P.R was in charge of Fesmar they were very anti EU stating that the EU has betrayed Cornwall and her people and called for all the cornish people to unite against the english goverment, in the first week of september a kernowist civil war erupted in Belgica but this backfired and all the revolutionary's citizenships were taken away and they were banned out of Belgican land it was later revealed that this was supported by the K.P.R, on the 9th day of September Fesmar held a diplomatic meeting with Belgica about turning monarchist again and uniting, and 3 days later they became monarchist again and united with belgica.

A rome like state

During this union with Belgica Fesmar became a Rome like state, but this ended bad as during meetings of the senate some people were against Kenneth his actions and he decided to fire them, this resulted in a civil war for the title of emperor and Belgica left on the 5th of October because of the instability.

the final blow to Fesmar

After the civil war Fesmar became the Fesmarian imperial Republic as Kenneth tried to hold on little power he had, however this failed and he focused more on his career in Aspen and decided that Fesmar should join Aspen, Aspen became a province of the Aspenian empire and he became leader of the opposition in Aspen and lead the Free Fesmar Movement, After a while Aspen Collapsed and he had the choice to leave Aspen or join the new nation that had rised from its ashes named Appalachia and he decided to leave and disband Fesmar.

The 3rd Fesmarian-Belgican empire

March 25th 2020 saw the final collapse of the Fesmarian republic. The majority of citizens either turned on Kenneth or left due to Covid-19 fears. Fesmar would revive itself however. Beginning in April 2020 the third Empire was declared. By mid May 2020 Fesmar and Belgica had reunited into the Fesmarian-Belgican empire. During this period James Christian who had been working closely with the revived Fesmar was Slandered as a saboteur by Kenneth of Fesmar, this turned out to be not true. This combined with a coup in Misberia rekindled the past friendship Fesmar held with Misberia, but this ended due to Kenneth saying that Misberia hold Fesmar back.

The end of the Empire

On the 12th of June the union between Fesmar and Kjorbergen was ended due to a discussion which lead to Kjorbergen pulling out of the Union.

Aftermath of the dissolution of the Fesmarian-Belgican empire

On the 13th of June, both nations took actions due to the drastic changes that had occurred. Kjorbergen renamed themselves and Fesmar had 2 uprisings because of the economy failing.

Changes in Kjorbergen

In morning of the 13th King Mats of Kjorbergen and Crown Prince Jules both agreed that Kjorbergen needed change, they decided to rename Kjorbergen to Groot-Brabant and making Jules the new king and making Mats the Crown-prince, Because of his coronation Jules decided to give a speech:

People of Groot-Brabant!

It has been a long time since I have delivered you a proper speech, so pardon me if I sound a bit rusty. But I am proud to tell you that we are no longer under the reign of the Fesmarian crown! And I am proud to lead this nation to glory, together with our prince, Mats. We shall bring this micronation back to it’s days of fame and fortune! I know the Prince and I have let you, the people of this wonderful nation down. And we are truly sorry for that, but we must not grief for the people that have let this nation down, we must cheer for those who will bring it back up! And assure you, we won’t let you down this time! Like you have shown us in the many hard times of need this proud nation has been through, you won’t let us down either!

So let us cheer, let us be thankful, that we are independent once again!

After this Mats announced that Saxony would be made a independent principality that is under the protection of Groot-Brabant and will be part of a customs, trade, monetary, and diplomatic union.

Troubles in Fesmar

After the end of the union the Foon (the Fesmarian currency) plummeted in value, and on the 13th Fesmarian goverment asked for retribution because they claimed that because of Groot-Brabant the Fesmarian economic stability failed, the Kjorbergian goverment refused to give any kind of help because they said that they had nothing to do with the Fesmarian economy.

Later that day people were cutting of contact with the Fesmarian goverment, paramilitaries are threatening a coup and the government was doing everything and anything to get the situation back under control but to no prevail, because on the 14th two Paramilitary organisations rose up in Fesmar however some goverment members of Fesmar that left when this event happend claimed that this was false and that Kenneth III just made that up to install a dictatorship like goverment, this was denied by the goverment of Fesmar.

On the 19th of June Fesmar dissolved into West-Helstonia but this was short lives as it ended on the 22nd but then on the 25th of June, Fesmar was reborn as the Fesmarian Democratic Republic which used a system not used in Fesmar for over 2 years.

The splitting of Fesmar

After the collapse of Fesmar-Belgica there had been extended unrest in the regions comprising Fesmar. Within days of the June Revolution the entirety of Fesmar was split amongst three competing governments, in the west was the Fesmarian Commonwealth run by Roadrunner, in the centre the Fesmarian Democratic Republic run by the former monarch Kenneth Fydtroust and in the east Fesmar-Ainsworth run by Fynley who is a former officer in the IFA. These three governments have entered into agreement to prevent civil conflict, meanwhile the historic capital of New Penzancia is occupied by all three governments.

Revolutionary forces had stepped down and the entire region had become a hotbed of tensions. It seemed unlikely that a reunification could happen any time soon.

Fesmarian Brazil, a former overseas territory of Fesmar, dissolved after the owner/delegate of the reigon left the Fesmar discord server for reasons unknown.

States that emerged from Fesmar-Belgica
Flag Name Capital Leader
Flag saxony.png Principality of Saxony Saint Germains Hans
Flag of the UK of East Fesmar and Ainsworth.png United Kingdom of East Fesmar and Ainsworth New Higher Nansloe Fynley and Roadrunner
FDRFLAG.png Fesmarian Democratic Republic Glynawan Kenneth Fydtroust
Belgica Flag.png Groot-Brabant Kjorbergen Jules vierstraete

The succesor states of Fesmar Belgica

The Fesmarian Kingdom

The FDR was one of the 3 succesor states of Fesmar and was situated in the centre, it was lead by Kenneth Fydtroust who was the general secretary of the FDR, his right hand was Bojo May who was the Commissar of the FDR, their national anthem is Glory to Fesmaria. The nation had a few minor conflicts with Groot-Brabant since its beginning and for a short time it seemed like another cold war was on the rise. On the 25th of July their goverment announced that they were going to proclaim the second Fesmarian Kingdom, Kenneth I was crowned king on the 26th of July


UKEFA short for the United Kingdom of East Fesmar and Ainsworth, it was situated in the east and in the Lizard peninsula of Cornwall, lead by its PM Bojo May and its king Finley III. it had a neutral stance in Cornwall and wished to have good relations with all states who were part of Fesmar-Belgica , it made an alliance with Saxony called the Eastern Kernow alliance.

The Fesmarian Commonwealth

The Commonwealth was situated in the West of Fesmar, lead by Roadrunner who was its lord protector. Kenneth said that the Commonwealth was the Somalia of all the Fesmars, probably because they are inactive and nothing had happend since Roadrunner came to power, but on the 12th of July they joined the UKEFA.


The Kingdom of Belgica was the biggest region of Fesmar Belgica, Belgica was better off then the other succesor states of Fesmar Belgica due to their territory not being split like what happend to Fesmar. When Belgica declared independence the government changed the name of the Kingdom to Groot-Brabant and declared a kingdom, Jules I Vierstraete was given all the titles of the previous King Mats I Baumans those being: King of Groot-Brabant, Emperor of Belgica and Overlord of the Belgican Cornish Territories.

2nd Fesmarian-Belgican cold war

Declaration of Neutrality and Espionage operations

On the 27th of July the newly proclaimed Fesmarian Kingdom declared its neutrality and became secretive of what was going on inside their Kingdom, because of this the head of the FSS(The intelligence agency of Belgica) started operation Black Cobra, Operation Black Cobra consisted of multiple contacts inside the Kingdom's government providing intel to the FSS.

An Espionage Scandal

The upper Fesmarian Government members suspected that some government members of the parliament were giving information to the FSS, upon asking the Belgican government if this was true the Belgican government denied any connections with government officials, when asked again the Belgican government became hostile and asked an apology for the accusation.

Build up of tension

Removing of Diplomatic ties

2 days after the Fesmarian Government demanded an explanation Belgica decided to cut all ties with Fesmar, all treaties with Fesmar were withdrawed from and the diplomats of Fesmar were denied any consulation or meeting with the Belgican government, the only contact that was accepted was a short discussion between Emperor Jules and King Kenneth of Fesmar.

Belgican support of rebel state

On the 12th of August Fynley, the Prime minister of the Fesmarian Kingdom got deposed by Ann Mark. During this coup d'etat the Kingdom became under the rule of a Fascist dictatorship, the Kingdom became known as the Falangist Republic of Fesmar, because of this the capital region of New Penzancia declared independence after being under the Fascist rule for 6 days, this declaration of independence was unofficially supported by the FSS.

The Late Imperial era

2nd Fesmarian Republic

the political stability of Fesmar became so bad after the declaration of indendence by its capital that the Dictator of Fesmar was deposed by the government and a Second Fesmarian Republic was put in place, this republic wasnt stable either, some even say that it was even worse then the Falangist Republic.

The Short live Grand Fesmarian Empire

After the King of Fesmar saw what happend to his once strong Kingdom he began talking with other nations in Hampshire and on the 5th of September the Grand Fesmarian Empire was declared, however during this period the Emperor did multiple things that made the Empire very unstable, one of these things was trying to gain more control in the constituent states of the Empire, he later pulled back from this decision but the damage was done and the nations in Hampshire left as fast as they joined

The abdication of King Kenneth and the Aftermath

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