History of Micronations in South Korea

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Micronations in South Korea have existed since the late 1990s. And since today, many micronations have risen and fell. Today, most micronations are mostly based online because most micronationalists in Korea are still students.

Before the introduction of micronations(Before 2003)

During the mid-1990s, the Korean Government engaged a policy in order to widespread the use of the Internet among the public. The introduction of public internet gave an opportunity to the rise of micronations in Korea, since many micronations around the world were still mainly online-based.

Era 0(2003~ 16 December 2008)

Micronations who came first mostly adopted policies of those in the US or Japan, as they were most easily accessible. The first translation for the word 'Micronation' was made during this Era by Kim-Yong-Ho, a sociologist, in January 6, 2006.[1]

Era 1(2008.12.16~2013.02.09)

Era 1.5(2013.02.09~2015.07.26)

Era 2(2015.07.26~2016.12.18)

Era 2.5(2016.12.18~2017.09.20)

Era 3(2017.09.20~Now)