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Duchy of Hatteras
Herzogtum Hatteras

Flag Hatteras.PNGCoat Hatteras.png

Letzembourgish: Par virtute et bráz
English: By valor and arms
Comrades of the Legion
Letzembourg Map.png
Map of Letzembourgish claims Ocracoke.svg.png
Letzembourgish mainland (United States)
Capital cityDuchy of Hatteras
Official language(s)English, Letzembourgish and German
Official religion(s)Christianity
Short nameHatteras
DemonymHatterish, Hatterger
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
- Grand DukeHRH, Grand Duke Christian I
- DukeWaldo, Duke of Hatteras (Waldo I)
EstablishedDecemeber 20th 2015
Area claimed-
Population2 citizens (2016)
CurrencyLetzembourgish franc (Ł)
Time zoneEST (UTC-5)
National drinkCoffee

Duchy of Hatteras Website

The Most Faithful Duchy of Hatteras (officially Duchy of Hatteras), is an administrative division (province) of Letzembourg, located on the coast of North Carolina, in the United States.


The Grand Duchy of Letzembourg was officially established on December 20, 2015, by HRH, Grand Duke Christian I.


Hatteras is an absolute monarchy, obedient to HRH, Grand Duke Christian I. In the Government of the Duchy, the Duke, Waldo, Duke of Hatteras (Waldo I) directs the region exercising all local authorities.

Legal matters

Hatteras has a strong tradition in studies related to legal matters, it was in February 2016, when was created the Institute of Legal Studies of Hatteras to evaluate the drafting of legislation that the ducal government would take.


The University of Hatteras is responsible for the study and publication of contents related to the local culture and sciences.

Hatteras is a region with Christian cultural influence whose moral standard is the Church of Saint Mary of Hatteras, the local Patron Saint, which according to legend appeared before a student, one night while sleeping on a beach, and told him where to construct the first settlement in the region.