Guild State of Alaric

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Guild State of Alaric
Flag of Guild State of Alaric
Coat of arms of Guild State of Alaric
Coat of arms
Motto: Endedit Hic Auro Patriam
Anthem: Ode To Corporate Prosperity
(From R. Wagner's Siegfried's Funeral March)
Alarici claims in Czech Republic
Alarici claims in Czech Republic
and largest city
Mischkowitz March
Official languagesEnglish, Czech
GovernmentGuild State
• Chairman of Cartels
David Petronius Vavruška
LegislatureThe Cartel Council
Establishment19 September 2014
• Census
CurrencyGuild Mark
Time zoneCET

Alaric was created by David Petronius Vavruška, who also invented the principle of the Guild State, on the day of 19 September 2014 Every important moment of that day was recorded and is available on YouTube (Referendum and Independence of Alaric), including the referendum, signing of the declaration of independence by Chairman of Cartels himself, even the counting of the votes. The referendum ended up with 100% votes for separation from the Czech Republic and establishment of the Guild State of Alaric.


Alaric is unique because of its political system, as it is the only Guild State in the world. In Guild State, people are divided into Guilds. Each Guild manages its Guild March (piece of territory). Each Guild is represented in the Cartel Council by its Guildmaster.

Current Guild Marches:

-Mischkowitz March (Guildmaster David Petronius Vavruška) - A historical Guild March and the capital of Alaric. Its creation is dated back to year 1912. It is the center of Guild State's power and a home to the Cartel Council.

-(de facto) Ujezd March (Guildmistress Matylda Štancelová) - A metropolitan Guild March, located in the very center of Prague, Czech Republic. It is the center of the economy of the Guild State.